MOMOLAND Surprises Fans Taking College Entrance Exams With Special Gifts

It’s that time of year again in Korea! There’s only one week until the College Scholastic Ability Test, an exam extremely important to all high school students in Korea.



It is known to be a stressful time for high school seniors in Korea, and many idols upload posts on social media, cheering on their fans before the big exam.


MOMOLAND went one step further and prepared a sweet surprise for their fans that are taking the test next week.



Fans revealed on the fancafe that they received care packages from their favourite idol without any word ahead of time!



The care package contained chocolates, other sweets, lip balm, and batteries with a message saying “don’t get drained, keep your energy charged bboom bboom!”



Although MOMOLAND blew up in a big way this year, they are still super humble and so kind to their fans!


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