Nayeon and Momo have the cutest backstage interaction with GOT7’s Yugyeom at the 2019 MAMA Awards

While GOT7’s Yugyeom might be TWICE‘s sunbae, that doesn’t mean that he’s not close to his labelmates!

While everyone was waiting backstage during the 2019 MAMA Awards, Yugyeom ran into Nayeon first.

He jokingly stated that she was without a mic (which is a problem as she’s one of the main vocalists in TWICE), and caught Nayeon pouting to him on camera!

Nayeon then came over and cheekily asked him that after seeing all the rehersals, what stage he was looking forward too the most.

He of course mentioned TWICE! As an added bonus, he also mentioned that he would be cheering them on!

Nayeon then pretends to be shy because her sunbae noticed her, using her aegyo to melt Yugyeom’s heart.

Then Momo came over to talk to them, and more cuteness ensued!

Momo asks Yugyeom what he thought of her dance performance of JJP’s “Bounce”, and his answer was so sweet!

He told her that her dance was great, and even though Momo was like “tell me seriously!”

He told her that her “impact” was so strong, and shyly admitted that she “won” against him as the “dance master!”

Momo and Nayeon found his shyness so adorable, and giggled by how cute he looked!

We love seeing labelmates joke with each other because it shows that friendships really can develop between male and female groups.

Hopefully we can get another collab stage in the future!

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