NCTzens Knew The Details OF WayV’s “Regular” Music Video 3 Month Ago… Here’s The Detail

One NCTzen posted 2 photos on a fan community site claiming the details of WayV‘s debut music video was shared 3 months ago.

wayv nct china debut

According to the fan, the first photo was shared on the Instagram of a music video director, who worked with SM Entertainment frequently. NCT fans only speculated it was for the new NCT’s China unit, but couldn’t be sure since the information was blurred out on the shared photo.

wayv (1)

Now, fans found a clean version of the same photo and confirmed it really was a detailed shot-list of the new NCT unit.

The list has each of the members’ names written and circled with detailed directions.

wayv (2)


NCTzens were surprised to see someone was able to guess the photo was about WayV when they had no information at the time. Fans are also going back to the video see how the listed scenes were included on the final version.

wayv mv (4)

wayv mv (5)

wayv mv (2)

wayv mv (3)

Check out the full music video here:

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