Netizen Reactions To EXO Kai And BLACKPINK Jennie’s Breakup News

After dating for only a couple months, EXO‘s Kai and BLACKPINK‘s Jennie have officially broken up. SM Entertainment confirmed that the two split after deciding that it was best to focus on their careers at the moment.

dispatch jennie kai dating


Once news of their break up hit, netizens were definitely full of emotions. Some were angry, some sad, some disbelieving and some just confused with how to comprehend the news.


Many of the Korean netizens turned the tables on malicious commenters who have cursed and criticized Jennie and Kai for their relationship.

jennie kai netizens fault


Others blamed the idols’ respective agencies for forcing them to split. Many Korean netizens criticized Yang Hyun Suk, claiming that he probably told Kai and Jennie to break up so that BLACKPINK won’t see any “damages”.

jennie kai yg fault


Dispatch was also caught in the fire as netizens blamed them for exposing their relationship in the first place. They suggest Kai and Jennie would have survived better if they were left alone to date in peace, instead of the scrutiny of the general public.

“If it weren’t for Dispatch, Jennie and Kai would have dated just fine. Why does Dispatch bother people who are dating well. Why haven’t they been sued yet?” — @chaos_mose

jennie kai dispatch fault


Contrary to many opinions, there is a large group of people who believe that Jennie and Kai still live on! They claim that the agencies and media only announced that they’ve broken up so that the couple can date away from the public eye.

jennie kai not really break up


Whether you believe that they’ve truly broken up or not, the largest opinion seems to be one of positive support as fans pledge to continue supporting them no matter what as long as they’re happy!

jennie kai support

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