Netizens Have Fallen In Love With EXO Sehun’s “Love Shot” Style And Want More Of It Stat

Throughout the years, EXO‘s Sehun has tried out a lot of different hairstyles. With each and every one of them, Sehun has made fans swoon and set hearts on fire!



Not too long ago, fans were begging for blond Sehun to make a comeback

sehun 2


Now, however, EXO-Ls have fallen in love with Sehun’s “Love Shot” era hair.


Although Sehun recently cut his hair as seen at the SMTOWN concert in Chile, fans can’t help but remember the glorious longer locks that Sehun sported during “Love Shot”.


The long bangs and Sehun’s natural hair color were definitely a look that EXO-Ls could get behind.


Although they also loved the entire concept right down to the fashion of “Love Shot”, it’s the maknae‘s hair that really left an impression.


Many fans have stated that not many people can pull of that particular look, and Sehun did it beautifully!


Now many fans are hoping that the style makes a quick comeback because they can’t wait to see it again!

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