New Xbox Elite Controllers Might Be Coming This Fall

According to rumors, the new Xbox Elite controller may be coming sooner rather than later. In October 2015, Microsoft released the Xbox One Elite controller. Despite its high price, it sold very well. Now comes the updated Elite controller, codenamed “Washburn”.

For months, rumors about the updated version for the Elite controller have been swirling around. Way back in January there were rumors that Microsoft was working on a new version of the controller. The controller was set to show off a number of improvements, such as built-in rechargeable batteries, a USB C port, Bluetooth, three levels of hair trigger locks, a three profile switch, and longer key-travel for paddles. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the device, it’s essentially a fully customizable controller that you can fidget with to suit your needs. The controller will adapt to your play style as you choose your own unique thumbstick or D-pad.

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According to Game Informer, the Elite V2 will be released in October. Microsoft hasn’t said a word about Washburn, but a tweet from The Verge senior editor Tom Warren gives fans something to get excited about “Xbox codename Washburn. It’s a $149 Xbox controller that will ship in October…” Followers of Microsoft merchandise will note that the price is quite steep. However, the gaming community has shown that they are willing to pay a high price for quality merchandise.

Since these are just rumors for now, very little details are available as of yet. It’s been three years since the current Xbox Elite Wireless Controller was released. Reviewers tended to award it high marks, with some even calling it one of the best controllers on the market. While it’s difficult to imagine an upgrade from that lofty status, one must always keep an open mind. For those who still aren’t convinced, Microsoft also filed a patent request for an adjustable lock design in December 2017.

If this is all true, Microsoft will soon boast the new must-have item. They’ve already shown they are capable of making one reliable controller, so hopefully this not so secret announcement pays off. The official announcement will likely take place at Gamescom, considering that Microsoft’s last Gamescom stream was a popular event. Although many questions remain, it’s good to see Microsoft continually try to improve on their quality of products. With improved design, performance and seemingly limitless customization, the Xbox Washburn looks set to take the gaming community by storm.

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Source: Tom Warren (via Game Informer)

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