Nintendo Confirms Luigi Is Not Actually Dead

Nintendo issues a statement confirming they did not kill Luigi during the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Direct stream on August 8. The internet lost its mind when it looked like the plucky plumber met a grisly demise and had his soul ripped from his body during the presentation. Ghost Luigi may have been left in limbo, but the company has stepped in to reassure fans he’s okay.

During his 35 years on the planet, Luigi has stepped out of Mario’s shadow and his first appearance in Mario Brosto become a fan-favorite of Nintendo’s world. As well as being a regular in series like Mario KartMario Party, and Mario Tennis, Luigi had his own spinoff with the Luigi’s Mansion games. Sadly, it was his ties to the occult that got him straight-up murdered in the Nintendo Direct stream.

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Despite critics pointing out that Luigi is a fictional creation, it didn’t make it any easier that Nintendo might have killed off one of its most iconic characters. With fans still up in arms, the official Nintendo UK Twitter thankfully announced that Luigi will live to fight another Smash Bros. day:

Although it was highly unlikely that Nintendo would permanently kill off Mario’s brother, the fact that Luigi didn’t appear in the rest of the footage had gamers a little worried. It looks like everyone was a little hasty with those funeral plans. There is still no news on whether King Dedede also survived the cull, but it is safe to assume the mallet-swinging bird is also alive and kicking.

It turns out that Luigi’s death was a clever way to announce the fact that Castlevania‘s Simon and Richter Belmont are joining the supersized roster of fighters for this year’s game. Similarly, King Dedede’s demise was there to introduce King K. Rool to the game. With yet more announcements on the way, other newcomers already confirmed for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate are Chrom and Dark Samus. Sadly, there is still no news on where Waluigi is, but maybe he took Luigi’s place on Death’s list of collected souls?

Luigi is set to be back on fighting form by the time Smash Bros.’ December 7 release rolls around, but it’s unlikely that Luigi will go off on another perilous search around Dracula’s castle. Consider this brush with Death a warning for the curious ghost hunter. Importantly, Luigi lives to fight another day and will continue to be a major part of the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate line up.

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Source: Nintendo

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