Noname to release new album, Room 25

Noname has seen her star steadily rise over the last two years, and that’s without dropping any new music. The Chicago MC has made plenty of guest appearances alongside the likes of Joseph Chilliams and Saba, but she hasn’t released music of her own since her stellar Telefone debut, one of 2016’s best albums. That looks set to change, however, as Noname has teased her next project.

In a tweet, the rapper wrote, “I haven’t put out music out in 2 years. Not sure if people will listen but I’m excited as fuck to drop this album.” The message included the hashtag #Room25, implying that the new effort will indeed be called Room 25.

When exactly the album will drop is anyone’s guess at this point, but we’ll be keeping our eyes and ears open for sure. See the original tweet below.

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