Odesza Shares New Remixes For “Across The Room”

“Across The Room” definitely isn’t the most popular track from Odesza’s latest album, but Leon Bridges’ inimitable voice and the soft, serene beat on the track make it prime for remixing. The remixes for “Across The Room” are out today, with a lot of new interesting takes.

Included on the remixes are cuts from Tycho, original and extended remixes from Groove Armada and Durante, as well as attempts from Yung Heat and AbJo.

Tycho’s remix follows closely along the original, adding some percussion and more vibey, unidentifiable elements to the mix. Yung Heat ironically brings the temperature down with some chilled beats and more warped melodies. We’ve never heard of AbJo, but this style is undoubtedly unique.

Groove Armada takes an incredible approach and remixes “Across The Room” entirely in breaks. Durante takes a more experimental approach, melding what feels like marimba with deep house.

The whole remix pack is available now.


Photo via Julian Bajsel

This article was first published on Your EDM. Source: Odesza Shares New Remixes For “Across The Room”

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