20 Crazy CW Fan Theories That Were Actually True

fWhen it comes to creating great concepts for TV shows, it is usually probably best to leave the theorizing and plot points to that show’s writers. But TV fans who really pay attention to their favorite shows often come up with plot ideas and twists that actually make as much sense as what those writers eventually might come up with.

Every television show has its share of fan theories that end up somewhere on the Internet (Tumblr or Reddit are often full of conspiracy theories about television shows). Some of those theories are completely out there. Some theories actually make sense or even make other fans wonder if the fan theory is right all along. And some of those theories seem to come from a crystal ball because they are the ones that end up becoming true.

Is this is a case of writers being so good at their jobs that fans can see the plot twists before they arrive on a TV show? Or are TV show writers getting ideas from fans? Whatever the case, fans often feel vindicated when they get to that moment on a TV show where they can utter the words, “I knew it! I was right!”

Some of these theories came from obvious clues left by writers, but others seemed to come from out of left field. But there is one thing that all these theories have in common: they eventually came true.

Here are 20 Crazy CW Fan Theories That Were Actually True.