Venom Trailer Reveals Multiple Symbiotes

The newly released trailer for Venom has confirmed that the movie will feature multiple symbiotes. This was a point of some concern for fans of the Marvel Comics’ anti-hero, who were already worried about the upcoming movie starring Tom Hardy, due to the first trailer‘s lack of any scenes including the black-suited symbiote in action.

The question of how Fox could make a Venom movie independent of Spider-Man is another point that has perplexed fans of the character. In the original comics, Venom was created after Peter Parker rejected a partnership with an alien creature – the symbiote – who enhanced his strength and gave him camouflage powers but also encouraged his darker impulses. After having been driven away by Peter Parker, the symbiote found Eddie Brock – a disgraced reporter who blamed Spider-Man for his life falling apart. Together, the two would …

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