Chicago Blackhawks’ Anton Forsberg Tributes Avicii with 2018 Mask

Avicii has a big fan in Anton Forsberg — and the Chicago Blackhawks hockey player has the most epic mask for the coming season to commemorate the late producer.

The artist behind the mask, David Gunnarsson, recently shared a photo of the impressive mask and the drawing of Avicii has an uncanny resemblance. Forsberg’s mask also rocks the Blackhawks mascot, proudly sports #31, and includes drawing of his best friend, his dog Baxter.

“First of all, it was tragic, the whole story,” Forsberg said. “I watched the documentary [True Stories], and it was tragic how he opened up on everything and still didn’t get the help he needed. I’ve always listened to his music and have been a big fan of it. For me, there was no hesitation putting him on the mask.”

Unsurprisingly, the artist behind the mask is a huge fan of Avicii’s music as well. “Today we have the honor to present Anton Forsberg’s new Blackhawks mask for the coming season. Anton knew what he wanted on his new mask, he wanted to pay tribute to the Swedish DJ legend Tim Bergling, a.k.a Avicii, who recently passed away,” @daveart shared on Instagram.

The Blackhawks play the Red Wings today at 7:30 PM — so you can see this mask in action!

Anton Forsberg’s Avicii / Blackhawks Mask


This article was first published on Your EDM. Source: Chicago Blackhawks’ Anton Forsberg Tributes Avicii with 2018 Mask