Lovelyz Fans Outraged At Japanese Fans’ Rude And Perverted Behavior At Fan Signing

Lovelyz recently held a fan signing in Japan, where a couple of fans mistreated the members with rude and perverted behaviors.


One fan made Jin sign a contract vowing that she’ll change her “arrogant attitude” and always treat the fan with kindness.


Another fan tricked Kei into writing a perverted word on a post-it by telling her it was his name.

“I told her to write a sexual word on a Post-it, telling her that it was my name. She didn’t know what it mean so she wrote it exactly.” — Translation by @lvlzipmmon

“The victim was Kei.” — @lvlzipmmon


The behavior has been criticized as manipulative, as the “fans” took advantage of their position of power and the language barrier to treat them with disrespect.


Woolim Entertainment has yet to comment on the situation.