Fans Discover ITZY’s Ryujin In Popular Film “The King” Before Debut

Netizens have been surprised to find out that Ryujin from JYP‘s new girl group, ITZY, has appeared on the popular film The King.

The King was a Korean film released in January 2017 that stars the top-class actors, Jo In Sun and Jung Woo Sung.



Ryujin had played the role of Jimin, a student who was sexually assaulted and abused by her P.E. teacher.



The only person Jimin had to rely on was her disabled mother who made a living as a street vendor and the prosecutor Park Tae Soo (Jo In Sung) who promised to punish the P.E teacher.



After Park Tae Soo (Jo In Sung) has a change of heart, Jimin is hurt once again.



Netizens who watched the film were shocked to see that they’d missed Ryujin.


  • “Omg.”
  • “Daebak.”
  • “Really, I watched The King many times but I didn’t know. Lol.”
  • “Wow, that’s so cool.”
  • “No wonder she looked familiar, so it was Shin Ryujin…”


Watch the clip of Ryujin from The King below: