People Can’t Get Over How Beautiful Wanna One’s Park Jihoon Looks While Crying

Wanna One continues on their last promotions together through their “Therefore” weekend concert series.

park jihoon cry pretty 7


During their second day, Park Jihoon did the rarest of things… Fans noticed that there were sparkles in his eyes.

park jihoon cry pretty 12


Near the end of their concert, fans noticed that his eyes got red as he looked downcast.

park jihoon cry pretty 13


They soon realized that Park Jihoon was crying! He never cries!

park jihoon cry pretty 6


As the members were speaking about their time together with the fans, Park Jihoon broke down as tear drops rolled down his face.

park jihoon cry pretty 3


He tried to keep it all together as he’s well known to rarely cry in front of fans.

park jihoon cry pretty 2


But as the emotions overcame him, he bowed his head with tears.

park jihoon cry pretty 9


As he cried, he hid his face from the fans who cried out their sorrows alongside him.

park jihoon cry pretty 10


When Park Jihoon looked up, fans were absolutely mesmerized!

park jihoon cry beautiful 1


How could someone look so pretty with tears rolling down their face?!

park jihoon cry beautiful 2


Many fans were so amazed at his beauty that they called him an angel.

park jihoon cry pretty 8

park jihoon cry pretty 1

park jihoon cry beautiful 4


Fans and netizens couldn’t help but go crazy over how beautiful Park Jihoon looked even when he was crying!

park jihoon cry beautiful 3

  • “It looks like stars are falling from Park Jihoon’s eyes. It breaks my heart but he looks so pretty when those tear drops fall down his face ㅠㅠ”
  • “Ha how can he cry so prettily”
  • “How can someone look this pretty with tears in their eyes?”
  • “He’s seriously so good looking”
  • “Jihoon rarely ever cries unless he’s talking about his parents but seeing him cry that night broke my heart ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ”
  • “You’re so pretty ㅠㅠ don’t cry”
  • “Is this a page from a romance manga?”


But what else would you expect from a visual god like him?!

park jihoon cry pretty 5


Be mesmerized as Park Jihoon tries his best to smile for his fans despite his tears refusing to stop:

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