Preview Of TVXQ Changmain And EXO Xiumin’s Perfect Winter Trip Has Fans Excited For Next Week

A new preview of MBC‘s I Live Alone gave TVXQ and EXO fans something to look forward to until next week.

Since the appearance of TVXQ’s Changmin and EXO’s Xiumin was confirmed a few weeks ago, many fans were anxiously waiting to see the episode on air. Fans were disappointed when Changmin and Xiumin’s episode was pushed back a week from the scheduled date, but they finally got a glimpse of the two spending time in Jeju Island together.


The preview shows Changmin and Xiumin driving through snow-covered mountains as they happily sing “Let It Go” in perfect harmony. They were also seen hiking Hallasan mountain, having a snow fight, and even make snow angels together.

Fans are excited to see the bromance between the two since Xiumin is known for his respect for his SM Entertainment senior, Changmin.


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