“Produce 48” Contestant Yabuki Nako Gets Noticed By Her K-Pop Bias

Already known for shooting up to A Class from F Class and her exceptional performance during the first evaluation, HKT48’s Yabuki Nako has become the talk of the town once again.


This time, it’s for being a huge fan of TWICE!

“Yabuki Nako on Produce 48 seems to be a fan of TWICE. Other than Japanese celebrities or co-workers, the only Korean celebrity she follows is TWICE. On a live broadcast, she showed off a TWICE [folder].”  — @SHY_1229 

The merchandise she was showing off has been identified from Candy Pop”, one of TWICE’s Japanese singles.


With her solid talents, work ethic, efforts to learn Korean, and love for TWICE she’s gained many fans in Korea…including TWICE themselves.

Looks like she’s already become a successful ONCE!

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