Ranking The 10 Best Fight Scenes From The Marvel Netflix Universe

Sadly, it appears the Marvel Netflix Universe is coming to a close with shows getting canceled left and right. Whether the kibosh was put on because of creative differences or Disney’s streaming new service, Disney+, the glorious era is at an end.

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Since 2015, Marvel and Netflix combined to give us some amazing moments. Most notable were the compelling fight scenes; some of the best put on screen. There was no shortage of them either. Following the second season of The Punisher hitting Netflix mid-January, there have been 12 seasons of Marvel Netflix Original shows. (Three Daredevil, two Luke Cage, two Jessica Jones, two The Punisher, two Iron Fist and one The Defenders.) There’ve been mob fights, one-v.-three’s and knock-down, drag-out brawls. Marvel and Netflix made it difficult, though not impossible, to decipher the 10 Best Fight Scenes From The Marvel Netflix Universe.

10 Daredevil S1 E2: The Hallway

This the one that started it all. This is when the whole Marvel Netflix idea was legitimized. Then named “The Man in the Mask,” Matt Murdock maneuvers his way through tight corners to take down a plethora Russian mobsters. It also features Murdock’s patented flip, slam kick from Season 1, something he got away from as the show progressed.

While this deserves a spot among the best Marvel Netflix fights, it can’t go higher than 10 on this list. This set the bar so high, it seemed impossible to supplant. But like anything else, practice makes perfect.

9 The Punisher S1 E13: Frank v. Billy

The first season of The Punisher was unlike any other in the Marvel Netflix Universe. That was largely due to Jon Bernthal’s portrayal of Frank Castle. However, what made it so different from the others was the violence. Sure, the other shows had blood and death, but nothing like The Punisher. There was no better example of the show’s insanity than the emotional fight between The Punisher and his old pal Billy Russo. Two skilled fighters and marksmen, these guys displayed their physical toughness above all else in this battle.

And, of course, this gave us one of the most cringe-worthy moments ever put to screen: Billy Russo’s makeover, courtesy of a carousel mirror.

8 Iron Fist S2 E6: Colleen at the Tattoo Shop

The first season of Iron Fist wasn’t as bad as many have said, but it’s still in the conversation for the worst season of all 12 produced in the Marvel Netflix Universe. The second season? It was definitely a step in the right direction—at least in terms of the action.

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Colleen Wing is always looking for a fight, which can get her in trouble, but this wasn’t one of those cases. The Crane sisters may have immense powers but they had no chance against Colleen. Especially not when she starts the fight off channeling Tyler Durden from Fight Club with the same jacket flip Durden did before dragging Edward Norton’s The Narrator around the parking lot.

Not to mention, Colleen and the Cranes are so quick and efficient with every movement.

7 Daredevil S3 E13: Daredevil v. Bullseye v. Kingpin

Who would’ve thought “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” could ever be applied to Daredevil and Kingpin after everything that’s transpired between these two. Now, their partnership lasted for all of 30 seconds, but it was enough to stop Bullseye, a monster of Wilson Fisk’s creation.

Much like the battle between Billy Russo and Frank Castle, the passionate disdain Daredevil and Kingpin have for one another permeates on-screen in this fight. To go with his elusive martial arts and superhuman-like abilities, Daredevil channel’s his father “Battlin’ Jack” Murdock in this brawl, bringing the mountainous Fisk to his knees.

6 Daredevil S2 E3: The Stairwell

After a friendly conversation on the roof with Frank Castle finishes up, Daredevil has to fight his way through a group of agitated bikers, who were just surprised by the Punisher after a few drinks. This scene took what “The Hallway” did and upped the anti, tenfold. The camera work on this makes the experience. Of course, Daredevil battling through a group of thugs with a chain and an empty gun strapped to his hand is cool on its own (also featuring another Daredevil flip, slam kick).

5 Luke Cage S2 E12: Luke Cage teams up with Bushmaster

After kicking the tar out of one another all series long, Luke Cage was forced to team up with Bushmaster to combat the heroin trade. Bushmaster was forced to hold back, with Cage threatening to leave him stranded if anyone was killed. However, that didn’t take away from these two blowing through this mob.

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Bushmaster’s fighting style may be the most natural-looking of them all in the Marvel Netflix Universe. He cuts through his opposition like a hot knife through butter, while Cage uses his typical bulldozing technique. Fighting to the beat of a Wu-Tang Clan song certainly helps, too. But *spoiler alert* this still wasn’t the best fight scene from the season.

4 Daredevil S2 E9: The Punisher in Prison

If people weren’t already big fans of the Punisher, this cemented it. Wilson Fisk thought he could throw his weight around the prison to take out the deadliest man on the inside. Like so many others, Kingpin underestimated both Frank Castle’s ability and sheer grit. The scariest thing about this fight wasn’t the grim details, but the fact that Castle seemed to enjoy battling nearly a dozen men, ending their lives in the most violent way he could.

This also created the mass demand for a solo Punisher series and helped Netflix set the bar for how violent things could get.

3 Daredevil S3 E4: Foggy(?) Fights Through Prison

While impersonating his old pal Foggy Nelson, Matt Murdock is put through the wringer on what was supposed to be a quick trip to visit an old client away at prison. Only, Murdock didn’t account for Wilson Fisk keeping much of his power in the prison, making for a fairly difficult exit.

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This fight took the action in very close quarters from in “The Hallway” in the first season and used the outstanding camera work from “The Stairwell” to make a visual masterpiece. That, along with Murdock’s desperation (and ability to move so well in a suit) place this among the elite Marvel Netflix Universe fight scenes.

2 Luke Cage S2 E10: Heroes for Hire

This might be Iron Fist’s greatest moment in the Marvel Netflix Universe. He and Luke Cage take a trip to a warehouse in Rucker Park to, well, hurt a few people. Cage has to wear over two dozen bullets in the scene. Apparently, not everyone knows he’s bulletproof.

But Cage has had more than his share of action scenes. What makes this one so special is Iron Fist takes a step forward with his fighting abilities. In the past, he’s always moved well but, generally, comes across as flimsy. That couldn’t be furth from the case in this fight. Lastly, if Wu-Tang Clan’s 7th Chamber doesn’t get your adrenaline pumping, nothing will.

1 The Punisher S2 E1: The Bathroom

Frank Castle is not allowed to be at peace. That’s takeaway number one from the best fight in the Marvel Netflix Universe.

Takeaway number two, Castle is as good a hand-to-hand fighter as you’ll find on-screen. Bernthal takes on three knife-wielding killers with nothing but a belt and his bare fists. This also set the tone for another solid season of The Punisher, after things appeared to be starting slow. This was also followed up by an amazing bar fight that just barely missed making the Top-10.

Oh, and the third and final takeaway, Castle has no appreciation for bathroom decor.

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