Rapper 6ix9ine Under Fire For Plagiarizing WINNER’s “ISLAND” Instrumental

American Rapper 6ix9ine (also known as Tekashi) is under fire for plagiarism after posting a new track that uses almost all of WINNER’s “ISLAND” instrumental track.


In a now deleted post, 6ix9ine said he created his new song “NOBODY” himself.


However upon listening to it, many WINNER fans realized the instrumental behind 6ix9ine’s “NOBODY” sounded very familiar. It was the instrumental from “ISLAND”.


After being on the receiving end of much backlash from Inner Circles, he has changed the title of his video from “6IX9INE – NOBODY (CLOSER)” to “6IX9INE – NOBODY (ISLAND REMIX)”


Listen to the two tracks and the similarities between them.


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