Red Velvet Seulgi Exposes The Hazard Of Performing In A Crop Top

Fans noticed something on Seulgi‘s abdomen during Red Velvet‘s performance at the 2018 Incheon International Airport Sky Festival.


Seulgi performed a series of their hits, dressed in a yellow checkered mini skirt and an adorable checkered off-the-shoulder crop top.



The outfit showed off her amazing figure as fans watched in awe, but they also noticed a big red mark on her abdomen area!



Upon closer look, fans realized that she had the largest mosquito bite on her stomach!



Considering that it’s currently mosquito season in Korea, fans realized that performing in a crop top left you vulnerable to the itchiest bites in your stomach area!

seulgi mosquito bite 1


Netizens applauded Seulgi for maintaining her professionalism, despite how itchy the bite must have been.


  • “I’m itchy just watching her.”
  • “She must have been so itchy while dancing.”


Despite the workplace hazards, Seulgi never fails in always looking amazing on stage!

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