REPORT: Paul van Dyk Awarded Over $12 Million For ASOT Stage Fall

Nearly three years after Paul van Dyk‘s near-death stage fall at ASOT 750, the DJ has been court granted over $12.5 million from event organizers following a lawsuit.

van Dyk suffered a brain injury and damage to his spine as a result of the nasty fall. Thankfully, his road to recovery only lasted a brisk three months, including surgery and physical therapy. However, the serious fall had a lasting impact on van Dyk and his career.

During his A State of Trance show in February 2016, van Dyk stood on top of the stage design. While it’s common practice for DJs to jump on their booth, speakers, or the stage structure to build hype, nobody forewarned him that the stage was unstable.

The judgement handed down awarded van Dyk $12,588,643.45 total for medical bills and lost profits.

According to a report, the breakdown included $2 million for future medical expenses, $1.2 million for lost profits over the past two years, and $2.475 million for prospected future loses over the next 10 years. Plus, extra damages.

Recently, van Dyk opened up about the incident and his relationship with ASOT. “I want everyone involved in some way in production and booking to shine a light on the safety of their events,” he said.

Paul van Dyk’s Stage Fall


Source: The Blast | Photo: Marc van der Aa for Insomniac

This article was first published on Your EDM. Source: REPORT: Paul van Dyk Awarded Over $12 Million For ASOT Stage Fall

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