REPORT: Snapchat Working On Permanent & Emeddable Stories

Snapchat’s entire identity has centered around disappearing stories — but that could all change in a snap!

The platform is reportedly working on shareable stories and content that could last longer than 24 hours, even permanently. Users could make public posts longer lasting, in an effort to give Snapchat more influence on social media and beyond.

For instance, these longer pieces of content could potentially have embed codes for use in news stories, blog posts, websites and more. Plus, Snapchat is looking at ways to identify user accounts more effectively to match such content with the rightful creators.

This is one aspect that could result in major backlash for Snapchat. Most users love the anonymity of the platform. Snap is also one of the few social media apps that has yet to defy the trust of users by sharing private information.

The potential new and lasting feature is expected to be called “Our Story,” which will feature the permanent content. Of course, users would have the option to delete their content whenever they so desire.


Source: The Quint

This article was first published on Your EDM. Source: REPORT: Snapchat Working On Permanent & Emeddable Stories

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