Resident Evil 2 Remake: How To Unlock The TRUE Ending

Capcom’s long-awaited remake of Resident Evil 2 is finally here, and getting the game’s true ending can be quite confounding to franchise newcomers. The transition from fixed cameras and pre-rendered backgrounds to full 3D movement and environments is just the tip of the iceberg for this complete reimagining of Resident Evil 2.

The Resident Evil 2 remake is full of secrets, Easter eggs, nods to the original game, and more. Though it lacks the legendary “zapping” system of the original Resident Evil 2, the remake does feature a 2nd Run mode in which players go through the game as whichever character they hadn’t used the first time around, in a somewhat remixed version of the main story.

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In the original Resident Evil 2, players needed to complete both scenarios – finishing a second run with a different character – in order to unlock the game’s true ending (something that other games have mimicked since its release). But does that hold true with the Resident Evil 2 remake?

How To Get Resident Evil 2’s True Ending

William Birkin G Virus Mutation in Resident Evil 2 Remake

Like the original game, the Resident Evil 2 remake has a true ending which can only be unlocked by completing the game’s main story twice. Whether gamers choose to begin their adventure as college student Claire or rookie cop Leon, finishing the game the first time unlocks “2nd Run” mode, in which players take control of the other character in a remixed playthrough of the game. While it lacks the depth of the original Resident Evil 2‘s “zapping” system, “2nd Run” still offers plenty of surprises and new scares for both newcomers and Resident Evil 2 veterans alike.

Just like the original game, completing “2nd Run” in the Resident Evil 2 remake unlocks the true ending. And like the original, this means players must engage in an extra battle against the true final boss before getting to watch an extended cinematic – the true ending of the game – after which the credits roll, accompanied by a brand new song that was written for the remake.

Without giving away too much, the Resident Evil 2 remake’s true ending isn’t exactly a game-changer for the series; it doesn’t reveal anything new about the characters or the lore, but it’s a nice scene regardless, one which adds some personality to the protagonists, something that is lacking in the main game. It’s definitely worth playing through a “2nd Run” to unlock, especially since seeing the true ending also unlocks the 4th Survivor minigame, in which players step into the shoes of Agent Hunk as he attempts to escape the sewers and police station while under undead atttack from all sides. It’s a difficult task, but those who’ve completed Resident Evil 2 twice and seen the true ending should be up to the challenge!

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