RM’s BTS Mannequins Are Showing Up Mattel’s BTS Dolls

ARMYs are super excited to add Mattel’s dolls to their BTS collection, but if given the choice between those dolls and RM‘s BTS mannequins, Mattel wouldn’t stand a chance!



At the New York Toy Fair, Mattel gave fans a sneak peek at the outfits for their dolls, which were announced back in January. These “IDOL” outfits were displayed on faceless mannequins that don’t quite compare to the ones RM has personally collected.



RM’s large collection of figures is well known, but in his latest live he showed off two never before seen, life-sized figures called the “95s”.


This model is the “Mochi Sexy”, which RM ‘purchased’ in 2013.


This mannequin has gotten some minor maintenance at a skin care clinic that has left his perfectly sculpted face looking flawless!


In truth, these life-sized “dolls” are flesh and blood, but V and Jimin held their poses so well that they almost seemed like real mannequins! The refused to move, but after some convincing…


…they became human again!


Unfortunately, these mannequins aren’t for sale, but if they were, ARMYs would emptying their wallets for them!

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