Roseanne could find new home on Trumper-launched TV network

Yesterday, ABC decided to sever ties with its Roseanne reboot following a racist Twitter tirade by the show’s star Roseanne Barr. While public scandals are often hard to bounce back from — consider Pusha T’s savage takedown of Drake less than 24 hours ago — it appears Roseanne may actually get a second, err third, chance at a revival.

As The Daily Beast reports, former Trump campaign aide Michael Caputo wants to bring Roseanne back on the air via Bond, an online streaming startup where he serves as chief marketing officer. After ABC’s cancellation announcement, Caputo and his Bond colleagues “immediately” got in touch with Barr about joining their TV network. “We always planned on reaching out to Roseanne [Barr] eventually,” Caputo said. “Now it’s sooner rather than later.”

Despite Barr’s troubled past — the racist rant against Valerie Jarrett is hardly her first public transgression — ABC took a chance on the rebooted sitcom partially because of its ability to draw in a large demographic that includes Trump supporters (Barr’s blue-collar character herself is a proud supporter). Caputo and Bond want to capitalize on that same business strategy.

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“Bond even used the Roseanne reboot as a model for the type of programming that the company could support,” The Daily Beast writes. “Caputo said that model was used explicitly to lure conservative-minded backers eager to tip the balance of political power in Hollywood.”

Bond’s slideshow presentation for this model predicts that “Roseanne may have a domino effect on Hollywood,” adding that the show “accelerates [the] end of [the] Hollywood elite.” Noted Roseanne fan Trump would probably call them “coastal elites,” but the idea is all the same at the end of the day, and Bond is more than ready to push that agenda forward.

For Barr and the rest of the Roseanne crew, a rescue from Bond might be nice, however, more than likely it would be a major step down in terms of exposure (the ABC reboot pulled in impressive viewership numbers) and money. Bond is still in its early stages — in fact, Roseanne would be its first piece of streamed content — and the company relies on a “crowd-investing” system:

“Roseanne [Barr] would join Bond, upload a proposal for new content and fans would buy shares. As her new content is uploaded, a small piece of each viewer’s subscription would be paid to Roseanne. Her user-investors would profit from her success or lose their investment if she flops.”

Aside from helping Trump move into the White House and offering to give a noted racist an elevated platform, Caputo has contributed some good into the world: Back in the ’90s, he and a grassroots campaign were instrumental in getting ABC to bring back Twin Peaks for six more episodes. We’ll see how successful he is this time around.

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