Seolhyun’s Male Fans All Needed Cold Showers After This Video

A video of Seolhyun dancing at AOA‘s “Bingle Bangle” fansign has gone viral thanks to her sexy moves!


Male fans definitely needed a shower after the beauty showed off her perfect body proportions with this sexy dance.


Her incredibly sexy bodyline was on full display, together with her killer dancing ability!


She showed fans why she’s known as the visual goddess.


Even when she was being casual on stage, she wowed fans.


Seolhyun is famous for her beauty, and it showed at the fansign where she put on various gifts from fans and still looked graceful.


Netizens can’t believe her perfect visuals!

  • “Wow… so beautiful.”
  • “She’s so lucky.”
  • “She’s so pretty.”
  • “Even when she’s not trying to be pretty, she’s pretty.”
  • “This person is not human… she’s a goddess.”


She slayed the dance and looked amazing doing it!

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