Shameless: 20 Things Wrong With Fiona Fans Choose To Ignore

The central Gallagher family of Frank, Fiona, Lip, Ian, Carl, Debbie, and Liam have each received their fair share of screen time over the past nine seasons of Shameless, but it’s always been clear that Fiona is meant to be the star of Showtime’s hit comedy-drama series. Fans have seen her fall in and out of love countless times and watched as she succeeded or failed horribly at a variety of different business ventures. Viewers have witnessed her attempt to rise above her circumstances and find happiness, and groaned as she was met with or helped create yet another roadblock which kept her from reaching her potential. All of the Gallagher children have gone through their fair share of emotional roller coasters since the show began over eight years ago, but Fiona’s dramatic storyline has definitely been one of the most captivating.

Shameless fans were surprised when Emmy Rossum announced that the ninth season will be her last and that the series will continue on after her departure, because it’s difficult to imagine what the show would be like without her. Her looming exit from the series has allowed many fans to forgive Fiona of her various shortcomings as a character over the past few years and already start to mourn her removal from the show, but viewers really shouldn’t be so quick to miss Fiona.

Even though Frank is often labeled as his family’s most dysfunctional member, Fiona has a laundry list of personality flaws which make her a weak character. It may be for the best that she’ll soon no longer be a part of Shameless.

Here are 20 Things Wrong With Fiona Fans Choose To Ignore.


When Fiona met Steve Wilton, it seemed like she found a Prince Charming to whisk her away from her chaotic life in the South Side of Chicago. Steve put his life on the line trying to stop someone from stealing her purse, he had no problem helping Fiona run the Gallagher household, and he wanted to provide the Gallaghers with everything they needed. Unfortunately, Fiona found herself slightly put off by how much of a good guy Steve seemed to be.

It wasn’t until Steve revealed he was a professional car thief that Fiona truly started falling for him. When she discovered that Steve was actually a false name used to hide his true identity as Jimmy Lishman, her attraction to him seemed to grow stronger. Fiona’s judgment is undeniably questionable, and her poor taste in men make her relationship issues her own fault.


Fiona was forced to mature far too early in her life, and she grew up thinking that she had to do everything herself. When her mother Monica left her family and Frank practically abandoned his duties as a father, Fiona took it upon herself to help raise her siblings and be in charge of the Gallagher household. She became a very strong and independent woman, but her fear of abandonment and distrust of other people made her incapable of reaching out to others for help.

Steve recognized Fiona and her siblings were struggling, so he bought them a new washing machine and constantly offered to help his new girlfriend with her duties as her siblings’ guardian. Fiona turned him away, initially refused his gift and demanded to do everything on her own. That inability to ask for or accept assistance has always held Fiona back.


Throughout the first season of Shameless, the Gallagher family took advantage of Tony Markovich’s obvious crush on Fiona so they could keep out of trouble with the law. As a police officer, Tony had the ability to turn the other way or help the Gallagher’s stay out of jail whenever they got into serious legal trouble, and Fiona and her siblings definitely used this to their advantage.

Fiona constantly led Tony on so he’d continue helping her family, and she took away his virginity despite not caring for him nearly as much as she cared for Jimmy. She had no problem potentially breaking his heart, and when Ian saw Tony at a baseball game years later, Tony joked that Fiona had turned him gay.


The Gallaghers spent their entire lives struggling to make ends meet. Fiona and her siblings were constantly at risk of losing their homes or being unable to keep food on the table, so even though they had a better sense of right and wrong than their derelict father, they had to occasionally do some bad things to make money.

While riding the train home during the series’ second season, Fiona came across a purse and took it even though it wasn’t hers. She eventually felt guilty enough to return it to its owner, but not before taking hundreds of dollars out of it first. Even after she found out the money belonged to struggling single mother, Fiona kept it for herself.


Fiona has tried on several occasions to find a steady job that can help her advance in life and move up out of the South Side’s lower class, but it hasn’t been easy. She wasn’t qualified for a number of the positions she applied for, she ruined one career by entering into a relationship with her boss’ (and boyfriend’s) brother, and her position as an apartment building owner was very short-lived.

When Fiona tried getting a job as a grocery store cashier, she discovered that her would-be employer demanded inappropriate favors of his female employees. Instead of seeking employment elsewhere or reporting him to the authorities, she actually asked V to get proof of his behavior and used it to blackmail her way into a job. She tries to act like she’s better than her father, but this proved Fiona resorts to very Frank-like tactics to make money.


Fiona has a long list of reasons to resent her father. He always seemed to care about dodging responsibilities more than he cared about his children, so Fiona had to take it upon herself to raise her siblings and act as the head of the Gallagher household. Frank has repeatedly stolen from his kids and lets them down, but that doesn’t excuse Fiona’s refusal to help save her father’s life when he was in dire need of a new liver.

Frank’s constant problems destroyed his liver, and the doctors told him he wouldn’t have much longer to live if he couldn’t find a replacement. Fiona immediately turned him down when Frank asked for hers, despite knowing that he could pass away if he didn’t find a liver soon. Fans really shouldn’t forgive her for that level of apathy.


Fiona’s life has never been better than it was when she was in a relationship with her World Wide Cup boss Mike Pratt. Mike was far more stable and normal than Jimmy, he helped Fiona make enough money to take good care of her family and was great with Fiona’s siblings, and they seemed to have great chemistry together. Unfortunately, Fiona just couldn’t content herself with a fairly boring and happy life with someone like Mike.

Fiona slept with Mike’s brother Robbie mere hours after meeting him, when Mike was feet away in another room. She continued to see Robbie on several occasions, even though she knew he was bad for her and that their secret relationship threatened to ruin her entire life. She deserves all the blame for the problems that arose after Mike found out.


Robbie Pratt blew into out and out of Fiona’s life like a tornado, destroying everything in his path from her relationship with Mike to her career and financial stability. Even after Fiona was dumped by her boyfriend and fired from her job at World Wide Cup, she couldn’t stop herself from lusting over the man who ruined her life and accepted his peace offering of cocaine.

While partying with Kevin and Veronica, Fiona forgets that she left the remaining substances on the table of her home. Her baby brother Liam got into the stash and overdosed, and he nearly passed away as a result. Fiona was sent to the county jail, but since she got out very shortly after, she didn’t learn her lesson and went right back to partying with Robbie.


When Fiona met Gus, it seemed like she was gifted another chance to be with a stable man who would treat her right. Fiona initially wanted to be with one of Gus’ bandmates, but when she found out he was in a relationship, she turned her attention to Gus and they immediately hit it off.

After only a week of dating, Gus told Fiona that he was falling in love with her and they decided to impulsively get married. The couple barely knew anything about each other, but that didn’t stop them from rushing into such a big relationship step. Unsurprisingly, even though Gus was a great guy and may have actually been perfect for Fiona, it didn’t work out.


Shameless fans were a bit shocked to see Fiona marry someone she’d only even known for an episode or two, but when it became clear that Gus really did love Fiona and that they were happy in their unconventional marriage, viewers warmed up to their relationship. Until, of course, Jimmy Lishman came back to Chicago and ruined everything.

Fiona didn’t fully forgive Jimmy for leaving her for a second time, but she wasn’t completely over him, either. She cared a lot about Gus, but she couldn’t stop herself from being with Jimmy as he was her first true love. Fiona immediately felt guilty afterwards and told Jimmy that it was over and confessed her sin to her husband, but Gus was justifiably hurt by her betrayal and left her.


Debbie grew up watching her older sister raise an entire house full of Gallagher kids, so she was always under the impression that it wasn’t particularly difficult to be a young mother. She frequently fantasized about raising a child of her own and even briefly took a baby.

Debbie figured that if she tricked her boyfriend Derek into getting her pregnant, she could lock him into being with her forever and accomplish her goal of starting her own family all at once. Fiona understandably didn’t support Debbie’s plan, but her refusal to support her little sister in any way after Debbie made up her mind was just cruel. Debbie needed Fiona’s help, but Fiona refused to be there for her and forced Debbie to find a new home and utilize some questionable tactics to provide for her daughter.


Fiona’s marriage to Gus had a strong start, but it didn’t take very long for it to crash and burn. Fiona should have learned her lesson and realized that it’s probably a good idea to get to know her partner before rushing into a wedding, but she got engaged to Sean immediately after her divorce was solidified.

If Frank hadn’t shown up at the chapel to announce that Sean was lying about his sobriety, Fiona would have married him and their relationship would have inevitably fallen apart once she figured out the truth. Frank’s motives for ruining Fiona’s special day were far from pure, but she should really be thankful that he ruined this relationship.


It was definitely for the best that Frank revealed the truth about Sean’s continued drug use to Fiona minutes before the couple was supposed to tie the knot, but Fiona’s siblings and friends were furious with Frank for trying to ruin her happiness. They stuffed Frank in the trunk of a car, and drove him to a nearby bridge. Then, they worked together to lift him up and throw him off of the bridge, an action which could have taken Frank’s life.

Fiona went along with this incredibly bizarre decision, and didn’t even care to look for her father for weeks to see if he survived the fall.


Fiona’s siblings may not have always been appreciative of everything she’s done for them, but when things in her life got tough, they were always there for her. Lip, Ian, Carl and Debbie did what they could to pull their weight around the house and make money, and whenever someone did something to threaten Fiona or her happiness, they were more than willing to step in and protect their sister.

The close relationship shared between the Gallagher kids was always the highlight of Shameless, but in recent seasons, it’s been made clear that Fiona has had enough of bailing her brothers and sister out of difficult situations. She told them they have to start fending for themselves, and her siblings’ lives had been made far more chaotic as a result. Since she had promised to be their guardian, this decision is definitely questionable and shouldn’t be easily forgotten or forgiven.


Fiona spent almost her entire life putting the needs of her family above her own wants and needs, so when she came across the opportunity to make some serious money flipping a laundromat and buying an apartment building, she jumped on the chance to do something just for herself for a change. She realized she’d finally figured out a way to make enough money to accomplish some of her biggest goals in life, and her own happiness became her primary focus.

Fiona’s sudden opportunist nature made her become incredibly selfish, as she started ignoring all of her siblings’ serious problems. Debbie was dealing with being a teenage mother, Ian’s bipolar disorder was causing him to get into legal trouble, and Lip had recently been expelled and his life was spiraling out of control, but Fiona didn’t care and she solely worried about herself.


After Fiona called off her wedding with Sean in Shameless’ Season 6 finale, she didn’t see him until he came back to the South Side in the eighth season to make amends with her. Fiona was initially upset to see Sean again after so long, but she soon realized that she still had feelings for him. She expressed these emotions and expected Sean to say that he still cared about her too, but Sean revealed that he had gotten married during their time apart and was fully over her.

Fiona was furious and humiliated, and decided to try to ruin Sean’s life in revenge. She found out which motel Sean and his wife were staying at, and attempted to tell his new wife of Sean’s past and history with substances. Luckily for Sean, she talked to the wrong woman.


Ian and Trevor spent the eighth season of Shameless trying to raise money for a new homeless shelter for LGBTQ+ youth, but Fiona tried everything in her power to put an end to their noble endeavor. The shelter was going to be constructed in the same neighborhood as the apartment building Fiona bought, and since she wanted to raise the neighborhood’s profile and be able to charge more rent from her tenants, she tried to prevent its creation.

Ian did everything he could to try to explain to Fiona why the shelter was needed, but she was too focused on making the largest profit possible to care. Her greed made her heartless, and she found herself at war with her own brother.


Fans hope Fiona will be able to find a happy ending before her character is written out of Shameless, but that definitely isn’t seeming to be particularly likely because she’s never figured out how to find and stay with the right guy. She’s fallen for a car thief, a boyfriend’s rebellious and manipulative brother, a complete stranger, an addict, and most recently, a married tenant in her apartment building.

Fiona knew that she didn’t really know anything about Ford, but that didn’t stop her from entering into a serious relationship with him. She eventually discovered that Ford is still married and has a child with his wife, and found herself alone yet again.


Frank Gallagher constantly acts immorally on Shameless, but he at least is self-aware about his own failings and doesn’t pretend to be more virtuous than he really is. Fiona, meanwhile, has an incredibly inconsistent moral code and seems to be entirely incapable of realizing when she’s doing something wrong or owning up to her mistakes.

Fiona was furious with Sean for lying about being sober and with Ford for lying about being married, but she’s cheated on her partners and lied to them several times over the past nine seasons. She’s stolen, blackmailed and manipulated others, but she criticizes her father for doing the same sort of things. She could potentially be forgiven for her actions if she at least acknowledged them, but Fiona really doesn’t seem to realize how bad of a person she’s become recently.


One of the most disappointing parts of Shameless is the shattered friendship between Fiona and her best friend Veronica. Fiona and V used to talk to each other about everything and were always there for each other when things got rough, but Fiona’s recent selfishness has caused a very noticeable shift in their relationship.

Kevin and Veronica are still major characters in the series, but they rarely interact with Fiona anymore because she’s so busy dealing with her relationship and occupational struggles. Fiona has stopped being a good friend, and while V would probably still do everything she could to help Fiona through any of her problems, it’s hard to say that Fiona is still capable of that level of support and loyalty.

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