SHINee’s Key Receives Military Enlistment Date

According to entertainment industry officials, SHINee’s Key’s application to enlist in the military as part of the military band has been accepted, and he will be enlisting on March 4.


The military had released their list of applicants who were accepted into the military band, and Key’s name was included. He will become the second member of SHINee to enlist in the military this year.


Prior to his enlistment, he will hold his first Korean solo concert THE AGIT KEY LAND – KEY, performing 8 concerts over a span of 6 days from February 2-3 and 7-10. He also played a role in the movie Hit and Run Squad, which will premiere on January 30.


Fellow SHINee member and 1991’er Minho is also expected to enlist in the military this year.


We wish Key a safe and healthy service!

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