Shoplifters of the world unite: There’s a Morrissey Funko POP!

This June, Morrissey is heading to your living room.

On Monday, Funko debuted its forthcoming lineup of POP!s at London’s Toy Fair, and the former Smiths frontman is among the 2019 class, complete with his trademark ‘do and a handful of flowers.

Take a look below:

Morrissey, Funko, Toys, The Smiths, Funko POP!

Cute, huh? And unlike the real deal, this POP! won’t ever cancel his plans on you, or make you wait 45 minutes, or shame you for eating ham. No, just plop him on the shelf and play your go-to Moz LP nearby.

Pre-orders are currently on-going with shipments to go out in June. Though, if Moz isn’t your bag, Funko has an assortment of other musicians, ranging from Billy Idol to Notorious B.I.G. to The Purple One himself.

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