Simone Missick Explains What Luke Cage’s Characters Would Think of Black Panther

WARNING: This article contains SPOILERS for Luke Cage season 2.

Luke Cage actress Simone Missick, who plays Misty Knight on the Netflix series, has shared her thoughts on what some of the members of the cast would think about Black Panther. The Netflix Marvel TV shows are technically in the same universe as the big-screen adventures in the MCU, yet there hasn’t really been any cross-pollination between the two. During Luke Cage season 2, the Hulk is even referred to as “the big green monster,” not the Hulk, specifically.

The characters of Luke Cage might not never meet King T’Challa, the Black Panther, and not just because of Avengers: Infinity War‘s ending. However, if Marvel does ever decide to make the protector of Harlem and the king of Wakanda come face-to-face though, Simone Missick has the blueprint they should follow.

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Simone Missick recently discussed Black Panther in an interview with Too Fab. After saying that she hopes there’s a Wakanda Center in Harlem and every other major borough of New York City, Missick was asked what certain characters would make of Black Panther. Missick didn’t run down every Luke Cage character just her own, Misty, Alfre Woodard’s Mariah Dillard, and, of course, the main man himself, Mike Colter’s Luke Cage. She explained:

“I think Misty would be skeptical. She would see T’Challa and be like, ‘Oh, OK. Sure. You’re Black Panther.’ Because she just doesn’t believe anything or anybody. I think Luke … hmm another alpha male in the mix … I don’t know how he would take that. And then I think Mariah would, you know God rest the dead, but if she were still around she would try to holler at some of the handsome young men. She would try to get her cougar on for the Black Panther.”

Obviously some of Missick’s answers are meant to be taken a little tongue-in-cheek. Even though Misty is much more involved in the world of superheroes after Luke Cage season 2, she still would have a very hard time accepting T’Challa as the Black Panther and all that implies. Before the end of Black Panther, the common knowledge of very educated people was that Wakanda was an obscure and very poor country. There’s no way Misty would believe T’Challa was Black Panther unless given undeniable proof.

Luke Cage and T’Challa, meanwhile, probably would butt heads. Maybe not as much Luke did with Danny Rand upon their first meeting in The Defenders, but close. Likely, though, it would’ve end up in just as happy a situation as Luke and Danny find themselves in Luke Cage season 2, with the two going from rival to buddies. After all, there is some comic basis for Luke Cage and Black Panther’s rivalry and friendship. One of the lesser-known Marvel superhero groups is The Crew. Crew was initially formed in 2003 and gathered together most of Marvel’s African-American heroes, including Black Panther, Luke Cage, and Misty Knight. Together, The Crew took on low-level and inner city issues, operating equally in their civilian and super hero personas.

If the Marvel Cinematic Universe ever did want to connect the movies with the TV shows in a meaningful way, which is looking like an increasingly distant possibility, bringing The Crew to live-action in a Black Panther sequel or even a future season of Luke Cage would be one of the best ways to do it. T’Challa did end Black Panther by promising to reach out to disenfranchised people across the world, starting in America. For now though all we have is Simone Missick’s thoughts on what could be with a Luke Cage and Black Panther crossover.

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Source: Too Fab

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