Solo’s Opening Day Box Office Is Well Below Rogue One

<img src="https://" /><p>In a disappointing turn of events, <a href=""><strong><em>Solo: A Star Wars Story's</em></strong></a> opening day at the box office is by far the worst of the franchise's Disney era, coming in well below <a href=""><em>Rogue One</em></a>. When the project was first announced three years ago, it was the one fans were the most skeptical of. However, <em>Solo's</em> fortunes looked to be on the upswing in the weeks leading up to its theatrical premiere. Not only were <a href="">reactions out of early screenings generally positive</a>, tracking indicated it would <a href="">break the Memorial Day weekend record</a> by posting $170 million over the four days.</p><p><em>Solo</em> seemed to be on the right track when it made <a href="">$14.1 million from Thursday night preview screenings</a>, but then the outlook changed for the worse. The latest projections coming in suggest the spinoff <a href="">will only earn between $105-115 million</a> during the holiday weekend, and its opening day in theaters is certainly indicative of a softer landing.</p> <strong>Click to continue reading <a href="">Solo's Opening Day Box Office Is Well Below Rogue One</a></strong><br /><br /> <p>The post <a rel="nofollow" href="">Solo's Opening Day Box Office Is Well Below Rogue One</a> appeared first on <a rel="nofollow" href="">ScreenRant</a>

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