Someone Is Impersonating EXO’s Chen To Take EXO-Ls Hard-Earned Money

Every fan wants to be able to follow their favorite idols on Instagram so they can share even more special moments with them, but EXO-Ls have recently discovered an imposter who was pretending to be EXO‘s Chen to try and scam money from them.



With only D.O. and Chen the only EXO members who have yet to make the leap and create their very own Instagram pages, fans have been keeping a close eye on any activity just in case.

chen do

Especially since detective fans were able to find out about Suho’s account before it was even officially announced!


A few days ago, however, they noticed one account that was doing something that had their alarm bells ringing. The account in question posted a message to EXO-Ls as Chen asking for money to help a friend.

fake 1


Later another post was added, pretending to be one of EXO’s managers to help guide fans in their monetary donation.

fake 3


Fans were immediately suspicious of the account, not only because they know Chen has one of the biggest hearts out there and is constantly donating his own money to charity…

EXO Chen Revealed To Have Donated Money In Secret


But also because none of the other EXO members were following that account. On top of that, the messages themselves were incredibly suspect. EXO-Ls began warning other fans of the account and calling the user out for trying to scam others.

tweet 1

tweet 2

tweet 4

tweet 5

tweet 6


Since the alarm has been raised, the account has since deleted all of its previous posts and EXO-Ls are expecting the account to completely vanish. Fans, meanwhile, are hoping that their idols can be protected and that instances like this won’t happen again in the future.

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