Somi’s Father Speaks Up About JYP Entertainment And Her Relationship

JYP Entertainment recently announced that Somi had decided to leave the agency after mutually deciding to terminate her contract.

somi leaving jyp 2018


Rumors arose whether Somi and JYP Entertainment’s relationship faltered after she failed to debut as TWICE and has not officially debuted despite I.O.I‘s promotions ended over a year ago.

somi father jyp 3


Somi’s father, actor Matthew Douma, spoke up in an interview that he understood JYP Entertainment’s official statement.

somi father jyp 3

“I’ve heard about JYP’s official statement.”

— Matthew Douma


He clarified that he attended the final meeting with Somi as a family and left on friendly terms with the JYP staff. They even shared an ice cream run with Somi’s manager before promising to continue supporting each others’ futures.

somi father jyp 2

“The company staff and we shook hands and hugged each other as we left.

We went as a family and even had ice cream with Somi’s manager. We decided to keep cheering each other on.”

— Matthew Douma


There’s your tea! Somi and JYP Entertainment are officially on good terms, and Somi’s looking ahead to a bright future!

somi father jyp 1

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