Sony’s Morbius Movie Reportedly Won’t Affect Jared Leto’s Joker Role

Jared Leto starring in Morbius the Living Vampire won’t change his position as the Joker in the DCEU. Since making a turn into the world of acting, Leto has built up an impressive résumé. Dramatic turns in Requiem for a Dream and Dallas Buyers Club proved his ability, but he made a splash a few years back by joining the DC Universe as the Joker. His portrayal was purposefully different from Heath Ledger’s memorable turn but it still split viewers. Despite the differing opinions, Leto has remained part of Warner Bros.’ plans for the future of the DC world.

Leto’s been linked to starring in Suicide Squad 2 on multiple occasions and could even be a candidate for Birds of Prey. There’s also been a Harley vs Joker movie discussed and most recently a standalone movie for Leto. Now, it looks like he’ll get a standalone movie with a different comic book movie universe after signing on to star in Morbius the Living Vampire for Sony. However, his status as the Joker isn’t changing.

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In Variety‘s coverage of Leto’s new superhero role, they cleared up any confusion about his future as the Joker too. They’ve been told that Leto playing Morbius “does not affect” him playing the clown prince of crime. That is as far as the report goes, so those interested in seeing more of Leto as the Joker have nothing to worry about, even if he’s joined a Marvel property.

Early indications on Morbius point to the film starting production sometime this year, which could take up the bulk of Leto’s schedule. Even though he’s still going to be WB’s Joker, when exactly the project does begin filming could limit where he could possibly appear. As of right now, there’s no DC movie productions happening for the rest of the year, unless Birds of Prey moves a bit faster than currently expected.

While Leto’s Joker status may not be changed right now, it very well could depending on how both of these franchises progress. If Morbius is a success, Sony is surely going to want a sequel with Leto returning. This would be years away from right now, but between other acting projects and Leto’s music career, there’s only so much time he can spend in either universe. He may have been a polarizing part of Suicide Squad, but Leto is still a rather big name. Plus, if Morbius does wind up being a hit, then it could further incentivize WB to push Leto’s Joker movie forward to capitalize. Whatever the case may be, it looks like audiences may need to get used to seeing Leto in both roles.

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Source: Variety

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