South Korea Ranks #1 In The World For Internet Penetration

The U.S. based Pew Research Center surveyed over 40,000 people in 37 countries and looked at the number of adults who use the internet. Their findings put South Korea at the forefront of internet use.


According to the study, South Korea is the most wired country in the world with a 96% penetration rate.

“South Korea stands out as the most heavily connected society, with 96% of adults reporting internet use.” — Pew Research Center


The rating may already be pretty impressive but it is even more so when compared to Australia. The country came in second overall with a penetration rate of 93%. Although it’s only a 3% difference, it means a difference of hundreds of thousands of people!

In contrast, Canada had a penetration of 91%, the U.S 89%, and the U.K 88%!


On top of that, South Korea also comes in #1 for smartphone ownership. The study found how many adults owned smartphones and 94% of South Koreans reported ownership!

The contrast between South Korea and other countries was even more startling in this category. Second place (Israel) had more than 10% difference in ownership and the U.S had an almost 20% difference with 77% ownership.


Overall it was found that 9 in 10 South Korean adults use the internet and own a smartphone. That’s a pretty impressive feat!

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