Spotify & Hulu Sweeten $5 Deal for College Students with Showtime

Well, this is a steal of a deal! College students are getting at home entertainment hooked up thanks to Spotify, which just added Showtime to its $5-a-month Hulu bundle.

As if having Spotify and Hulu for that low rate wasn’t cool enough, now the music streaming service has thrown in a Showtime subscription at no extra cost. This dramatically sweetens the deal.

According to The Verge, college students in the US will have access to Spotify’s updated Premium for Students plan which includes Spotify Premium ($10 per month), Hulu’s limited commercial plan ($8 per month), and Showtime subscription ($11 per month).

Existing student users can simply log in and add Showtime, while new users will get the first three months of service for $0.99. Showtime is also open to potentially joining the Spotify-Hulu bundle for non-student Spotify users for $12.99 a month, but it’s still being negotiated.

From fan favorites like Shameless, Billions, Homeland, and The Affair to new series SMILF and The Chi, there’s so much to discover. If you’re a college student and not cashing in on this deal, then what are you even doing?

Get started here.


H/T: The Verge

This article was first published on Your EDM. Source: Spotify & Hulu Sweeten $5 Deal for College Students with Showtime

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