Star Trek: 20 Strange Details About Spock’s Body

The crew of the Enterprise from Star Trek: The Original Series only had a single alien among the main cast, which was a result of the limitations of the budget and the makeup effects of the day.

The lone voice among the Enterprise crew that did not come from an earthling was Spock, who was played by Leonard Nimoy. Spock was a half human/half Vulcan hybrid, who came from a culture where emotions were suppressed in order to maintain a totally logical mind.

The Vulcans actually had very powerful emotions and Spock’s were even stronger still, due to his human heritage.

It didn’t take long for Spock to become the breakout star of Star Trek: The Original Series, with fans all over the world being drawn to his alien viewpoint and mysterious personality.

Spock is unique for reasons other than his heritage, as the deeds he performed throughout his life turned him into one of the most important figures in the history of the Federation.

Spock may have been a fictional character, but he left a huge impression on the world. Leonard Nimoy may have passed on, but he left behind a legacy that will endure for many years to come.

Spock may just be a character on a fifty-year-old TV show, but his words are as relevant today as they were back in the ’60s.

Here are the 20 Strange Details About Spock’s Body!

20 He Can Sense Telepathic Mutants From The Marvel Universe

The Star Trek and X-Men movie franchises have been closely linked, with many of the same actors appearing in both properties.

The X-Men have encountered the cast of both Star Trek: The Original Series and Star Trek: The Next Generation in both comic books and novels, which usually results in a brief battle before both sides team up to face a new foe.

Vulcans possess some telepathic abilities, but the limitations of these powers tend to change from writer to writer.

There are times when Vulcans must use physical contact in order to read minds, while others can use telekinesis to move objects in the real world.

Spock is able to sense the presence of telepaths, even when they are not Vulcans.

He discovered the presence of the X-Men aboard the Enterprise due to Jean Grey using her telepathy, which allowed him to track down the team.

19 He Was Going Originally To Have Red Skin

One of the easiest ways to create a visually distinct alien race using the shoestring budget of Star Trek: The Original Series is to give them a bizarre skin color.

This means that you could paint a lady green and call her a slave girl of Orion, or paint Frank Gorshin half black and half white and call him an alien.

Spock was visually distinct from the other members of the Enterprise crew due to his pointed ears. The producers of the show also wanted to make him look even more different, as he was planned to have red skin.

The fact that Star Trek: The Original Series was first broadcast at a time when most people had black & white televisions meant that a red tone would look odd on most screens.

The executives at NBC were also concerned that Spock’s pointed ears and red skin would make him seem satanic, so his design was changed.

18 He Once Wielded The Power Of The White Lanterns

In the DC superhero universe, there are rings made from alien technology that grant their bearer special powers.

The most famous of these belong to the Green Lantern Corps, whose bearers are chosen among those who do not feel fear.

As time went on, we saw other Lantern Corps being formed that used different colors and emotions, such as the Sinestro Corps who used fear, the Red Lanterns of rage, the Orange Lanterns of greed, the Indigo Lanterns of compassion, the Violet Lanterns of love, and the Blue Lanterns of hope.

In the Blackest Night series, it is revealed that there are those who can use the power of the White Lantern that represents life.

In the Star Trek/Green Lantern crossover series, it is Spock who is chosen to become a White Lantern and he uses the power of the ring to summon a being known as the Entity, which had the strength to defeat the undead Black Lanterns.

17 He Was The First Human/Vulcan Hybrid To Survive To Adulthood

Spock’s father was a Vulcan and his mother was a human. It was later revealed that Vulcan’s have green blood, due to the fact that it is copper-based, while human blood is iron-based, so any kind of breeding between the two species should be impossible, due to how different their bodies are on the most basic of levels.

It turns out that Spock was the first of his kind, as humans and Vulcans cannot conceive children without medical intervention.

Doctor Phlox from Star Trek: Enterprise was the one who discovered the means by which many different alien species could procreate.

The reason why Spock didn’t know whether he would have to endure the rigors of the pon farr was due to the fact that he was the first human/Vulcan hybrid to live to adulthood.

16 He Is Immune To Being Assimilated By The Borg

The Borg proved how dangerous their assimilation process was in “The Best of Both Worlds” when they captured Captain Picard and learned all of his knowledge in the space of a few hours. Picard’s knowledge of Starfleet’s defenses allowed the Borg to win an easy victory at the Battle of Wolf 359.

Spock’s long history with Starfleet would make him a prime target for the Borg, due to his wealth of knowledge about the inner-workings of the Federation.

Spock doesn’t have to worry about the Borg, as he may be immune to assimilation.

In issue #4 of the Star Trek Boldly Go comic book series, Spock is able to resist being assimilated by the Borg to such an extent that he was able to escape from their grasp.

It’s explained in the story that Spock’s hybrid nature allows him to overcome the assimilation attempt.

It’s possible that the Borg may have discovered a way to assimilate Spock if they had more time, but he was rescued by the crew of the Enterprise before they could complete the process.

15 He Screwed Up The Nerve Pinch When Fighting The Apes From Planet Of The Apes

The Vulcan nerve pinch was invented by Leonard Nimoy in response to the original script for “The Enemy Within” which called for him to punch out the copy of Captain Kirk.

Nimoy felt that Spock wouldn’t just go around punching people, so he created a more elegant move that could be used to disable his foes.

The Vulcan nerve pinch works on most humanoids, with humans, Klingons, and Romulans being shown to be susceptible to the technique.

Spock once attempted to use the Vulcan nerve pinch during the Star Trek/Planet of the Apes crossover comic, as he was being accosted by armed apes.

The nerve pinch worked, but the musculature of the apes was different enough from humans to throw Spock off during his initial attempt, meaning that he screwed up when attempting to knock out one of the apes.

14 A Book That Confirmed That He Found Kirk Attractive Was Recalled & Censored

The first fans of Star Trek: The Original Series were unable to share their love for the show on the Internet, so they had to find other means of connecting with each other.

This resulted in the release of special fan magazines, where people could share their Star Trek fan fiction.

One of the most popular kinds of Star Trek fan fiction revolved around love stories between Captain Kirk and Spock, which is a pairing that is still very popular to this day.

Gene Roddenberry was opposed to any official Star Trek material containing elements that may confirm that Kirk and Spock shared romantic feelings.

He wasn’t vigilant enough in preventing those kinds of stories from appearing in the Star Trek novels, as Killing Time featured a lot of erotic overtones between Kirk and Spock, though nothing explicit happens.

Killing Time was swiftly recalled and reworked in order to remove any romantic overtones between Kirk and Spock. A few copies of the unedited version of the book managed to escape the recall and have since become collector’s items.

13 He Is Descended From A Character From Here Come The Brides

Spock is the son of Sarek, who was a prominent Federation ambassador. Sarek was one of the few characters who appeared in both Star Trek: The Original Series and Star Trek: The Next Generation, as Vulcans have an incredibly long lifespan.

Sarek was played by Mark Lenard in The Original Series, The Next Generation, and the Star Trek movies. Lenard was a prominent film and TV show actor, though Sarek is the role he is best known for.

Mark Lenard once played a character called Aaron Stempel in a show called Here Come the Brides.

 It turns out that this character is also one of Spock’s ancestors, as several Star Trek novels confirmed that Spock is descended from a man named Aaron Stempel on his human side, which was an intentional reference to Mark Lenard’s earlier role.

12 His Ears Were Airbrushed Out Of Early Promotional Material

There are some Star Trek actors who had to endure hours in the makeup chair whenever they appeared in the show, with Brent Spiner needing to have his skin painted silver and yellow contacts inserted over his eyes before he could walk on to the set.

The actors who played the Klingons had it even worse, due to the lengthy amount of time it took to attach the forehead ridges.

Leonard Nimoy had it easier than the other Star Trek actors, as his prosthetic ears were relatively simple to attach.

These ears proved a problem to the executives at NBC, which wasn’t fond of the Spock character in the pilot episode and wanted his role in the show diminished.

The problem with Spock’s ears extended into the promotional material for the first season of Star Trek: The Original Series, as the pointed tips were airbrushed out in order to make them seem normal.

This was done by the NBC Sales Department when they were creating brochures for their affiliates.

11 He Had A Barbarian Son

Spock was the subject of several romance storylines in Star Trek: The Original Series, which was prompted by the fact that he had amassed a huge fanbase of adoring women.

Captain Kirk may have been considered a heartthrob in the conventional sense, but many women loved the idea of breaking through Spock’s logical exterior and discovering the man beneath.

Spock once romanced a primitive woman named Zarabeth during the events of “All Our Yesterdays”. It was revealed in the novel called Yesterday’s Son that Zarabeth became pregnant with Spock’s child, whom she named Zar.

Spock was given the chance to meet his son with the help of the Guardian of Forever. It turns out that Zar became a warrior, who was brought into the future so that he could meet his father and learn the Vulcan way.

10 He Succeeded In Removing His Emotions (But Got Them Back)

Data from Star Trek: The Next Generation was considered by many to be the Spock-like character on the show. While Spock had powerful emotions that he tried to suppress, Data was on a journey to gain human emotions, as he had none.

It was possible for Vulcans to purge all of their emotions through the use of the kolinahr ritual, though it took several years of preparation and training to accomplish.

Spock was close to completing this ritual at the start of Star Trek: The Motion Picture, but the arrival of V’Ger caused him to return to Starfleet.

In the novel called The Fire and the RoseSpock completed the kolinahr ritual and was finally able to remove his emotions.

He was able to reverse this process when his mother passed away, as he found himself unable to grieve for her.

9 He Is Descended From The Founder Of Vulcan Culture

Vulcans weren’t always obsessed with logic and keeping their emotions in check. The early Vulcans were savage barbarians who engaged in terrible wars.

The person who led the Vulcans to the path of enlightenment was Surak, who forged the Vulcan way and used logic to calm the terrible rage within his brethren.

Spock was given the chance to meet Surak during the events of “The Savage Curtain” though the two of them were unaware of their connection.

It has been revealed in several Star Trek novels that Spock is descended from Surak on his Vulcan side.

The fact that Sarek and Spock are descended from the most important figure in Vulcan history is something that never comes up in the show, though Spock never told anyone he had a brother or an adopted human sister, so maybe he just doesn’t like talking about family matters.

8 He Was Going To Be A Martian

Gene Roddenberry had no idea that Star Trek would take off in the way that it did.

This is why several early story elements were retconned in later seasons, such as the fact that Spock was a “Vulcanian” due to one of his ancestors being an alien.

When Spock was being developed, he was originally planned to be half human/half Martian, which is partly where the idea of him having red skin came from.

The reason why Spock was changed from a Martian into a Vulcan was due to the fact that Gene Roddenberry was worried that NASA would land on Mars before the series concluded, so he decided to give Spock a fictional homeworld, rather than risk disappointing all of the fans who thought that a planet full of Spocks was nearby.

7 Only One Person Has Played Both The Prime & Kelvin Versions Of Spock

Leonard Nimoy was closely associated with the role of Spock, to the point where the fame brought on by the character meant that he struggled to find other parts.

This isn’t to say that Nimoy hated Spock or disliked playing him, but the iconic status of the character would always define his career, for better or worse.

Leonard Nimoy played the Prime version of Spock from The Original Series, while Zachary Quinto played the Kelvin version of Spock from the latest Star Trek movie series.

There is only one actress who has played both versions of the character, and her name is Jenna Vaughn.

One of the deleted scenes from Star Trek showed the birth of Spock, which occurred before the timeline split, yet this Spock would grow up to be the Quinto version of the character.

6 There Is A Discrepancy Over When Spock He Entered Pon Farr

All Vulcans will have to endure an overpowering desire to mate during their lifetime, which has the potential to take their life if they cannot find someone to do it with.

This process is known as the pon farr and it was originally restricted to male Vulcans, but this was retconned into affecting females as well.

Spock wasn’t sure if he would have to endure the pon farr, as he was the first human/Vulcan hybrid. He would eventually enter the pon farr in the classic episode called “Amok Time.”

Spock entered the pon farr when he was in his thirties during the events of “Amok Time” yet he went on to have his first pon farr as a teenager when he was reborn in Star Trek III: The Search for Spock. This discrepancy was never resolved.

5 He Is Jewish (As Is Most Of Vulcan Culture)

Leonard Nimoy was the creator of several aspects of Vulcan culture, including the Vulcan salute and the Vulcan nerve pinch.

The Vulcan salute is based on a blessing from the Jewish faith.

A rabbi is meant to put both hands together in the same manner as the Vulcan salute in a manner that is meant to represent the Hebrew letter Shin, which is meant to be part of El Shaddai, which means God.

The fact that Leonard Nimoy was Jewish and based several aspects of Vulcan culture on the Jewish faith was likely what prompted the writers of the novel called Strangers from the Sky to give Spock Jewish ancestry. One of Spock’s ancestors in the novel is a Jewish woman named Dora Grayson.

4 He Once Mind-Melded With Worf

Vulcans possess the ability to perform a mind meld, which allows them to use telepathy on those they can physically touch.

The Vulcan mind meld allows two individuals to share their emotions through the link, which is why it was something that was seldom performed, as it involved baring your most personal thoughts to another being.

One of the few times when a Vulcan performed the mind meld with a Klingon happened in the Star Trek novels, as Spock needed the help of Worf in order to defeat a psychic invader.

Spock’s mind was attacked by Malkus the Mighty, who had managed to maintain his consciousness from beyond the grave and seal it within four artifacts.

Spock needed Worf’s help, as he was more suitable for dealing with invaders.

3 His Memorial Was Life-Sized

Leonard Nimoy passed away in 2015, which led to an outpouring of grief from both the fans and those involved with Star Trek. 

When Star Trek Beyond was released, there was a scene added where the young version of Spock learns of the demise of the older Spock, which establishes that he passed away peacefully on New Vulcan.

In the Legacy of Spock comic, it was revealed that a life-sized statue of Spock was created on New Vulcan.

The reason why Spock insisted on a realistic monument was due to the fact that it was the most logical decision, as it would reflect the person that he was.

There is also a monument to Spock (and the real-life Star Trek actors who have passed away over the years) in Star Trek Online, but this one is gigantic. This is likely so that players have enough room to visit the monument in large groups.

2 A Former Prime Minister Of Canada Bore A Strong Resemblance To Him

Wilfrid Laurier was the seventh Prime Minister of Canada. He was famous for his work in establishing the country’s national identity, as well as for his policies on compromise between people of different national and religious backgrounds.

So, what does Wilfrid Laurier have to do with Star Trek?

It just so happens that Wilfrid Laurier bore a strong resemblance to Leonard Nimoy, even though he passed away over twenty years before Nimoy was born.

Wilfrid Laurier’s face appears on different banknotes in Canada, which prompted a trend called “Spocking” which involves defacing the money so that Laurier looks like Spock.

Spocking became so popular that the Bank of Canada actually looked into whether it was legal to deface money.

It turns out that it is, which meant that the Spock banknotes remained in circulation.

1 A Commercial Featuring Spock’s Drooping Ears Almost Derailed The Franchise

Star Trek: The Original Series was filmed on a shoestring budget, which meant that aliens had to be created using minimal effects.

In Spock’s case, this meant giving him pointed ears, which is a look that became one of the most famous elements of the character.

Spock’s pointed ears almost kept Leonard Nimoy out of the franchise, as he entered legal proceedings against Paramount when he discovered that his likeness was being used in a print ad for Heineken beer, which showed his ears drooping and then returning to their normal state after drinking the beer.

The Heineken lawsuit would have prevented Leonard Nimoy from appearing in Star Trek: Phase II, had the show ever entered production.

It wasn’t until Star Trek: The Motion Picture became a priority that Paramount was willing to settle, as they wanted Nimoy to appear in the movie.

Are there any other crazy facts about Spock’s body in Star Wars? Sound off in the comments!

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