Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks perform “Solid Silk” on CBS This Morning

We’re pretty high on Sparkle Hard, the new record from Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks. Our own Tyler Clark called it a “compact collection of well-crafted rockers that blend Malkmus’ wry voice with our insane modern moment.” Now viewers of CBS This Morning have had a chance to fall in love, too — the band stopped by to pound through “Solid Silk”, one of the album’s standout tracks. Watch it below.

Malkmus also took the time to sit down and chat with Anthony Mason of CBS News about life as “the Dad of Indie Rock,” as GQ Magazine called him recently.

“I’d rather be the dad than the granddad or the great granddad,” the 51-year-old Malkmus dad-joked.

He also spoke a bit about dealing with the rigors of a touring schedule, referencing a recent illness:

“It’s humiliating… People know that I’m not the best singer anyway. And they like me and they know the songs. But still, when you don’t have a voice, you’re put in a [place] of emotional vulnerability where… it’s tiring, emotionally wearing to be there and have people worrying about you. And then you feel a little like you have to give even more when you just like to play your songs, have them sound great, say a couple of witty words, and be on your way.”

Watch the interview, which also goes into Malkmus’ musical hopes for the future, below.

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