Super Junior’s Heechul And Donghae Share A Steamy Kiss On TV

Super Junior‘s Donghae and Heechul made ELF’s dreams come true when they shared a passionate kiss on TV.

heechul donghae1

The boys were participating in a game on Super TV 2 against Oh My Girl, where they had to pretend to be students and see who could eat their lunchbox the fastest during class without being seen by their teacher.


When attendance was being called, Heechul was chewing so replied informally. The teacher got suspicious and started to come over, so Donghae saved the day – by giving Heechul a passionate kiss, which Heechul quickly returned!


Everyone screamed when the two pretended to kiss passionately, while classmate Eunhyuk called out “Today’s the first day of their relationship!”, which Heechul confirmed it true.


The teacher, aka comedian Park Sung Kwang, hilariously replied, “Kissing is allowed but no eating lunch!”


Fans can’t believe that after 14 years they finally got a “kiss” between the two – and that Donghae instigated it, against serial kisser Heechul!


While Heechul has kissed most of the other members, including an unforgettable moment with Henry




heechul siwon


He’s never kissed Donghae… until now!


Donghae gave fans their missing moment and managed to save his bandmate at the same time!


Check out the hilarious kiss below:

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