Supernatural: 25 Crazy Facts About Angels Only True Fans Know

When it comes to the creatures of Supernatural, the lore isn’t always what we expect it to be about any of the monsters of the week. It differs even more widely when it comes to the angels in the show. Angels and demons have been having it out for several seasons and in that time we’ve seen them not give two whits about humans, attempt to destroy the very Earth itself, behave in incredibly selfish and power-hungry ways, and generally dispel our previous conceptions about angels in general.

Then again, in some ways they’ve managed to prove the angels of the Bible to be true. Like fairies, angels have a pretty dark lore attached to them, depending on what you’re reading. Many people might believe or even hope that angels are caring, helpful beings, like Terrance in It’s a Wonderful Life, but in Supernatural‘s reality, they are warriors of Heaven who carry out God’s will. Those who defied him ended up in Hell, which has been used for centuries to hold over the populace to make people behave. If God can cast his favorite angel away, he’ll have no trouble doing it to you if you don’t follow these ten rules, confess, or partake in whatever rules your religion dictates, right?

Some might believe in an orderly Host of Heaven that works in a perfect divine plan while others think that chaos theory applies if you’re a celestial being or not.

Whether they bolster your angelic notions or destroy them, here are 25 Crazy Facts About Supernatural’s Angels.

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