Supernatural: Weird Rules The Winchester Brothers Have To Follow

It seems like everyone in the Supernatural universe has to follow a set of rules, no matter what side they’re on. The Men of Letters have to obey without question, the angels aren’t allowed to show their true forms, and the hunters can never live in the same town twice.


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But what about the Winchester brothers? Surely the stars of the show can live however they please, right? WRONG. The Winchesters have a very complicated family history, beginning with Cain and Abel, so nothing has ever been “simple” for them. Here are 10 weird rules the Winchesters have to follow.

10. Pass On Your Knowledge

The Winchesters might not agree on much, but “saving people, hunting things, the family business” is the Winchester family motto, and trust me, they take it seriously. Like most hunters, John Winchester passed on his knowledge of the supernatural to his sons via his journal, which ended being the most valuable asset the brothers ever received (you know, besides the Colt and the keys to the bunker). Despite John Winchester’s hatred for his old man, the journal was also used by his father, Henry Winchester. Like I said, they like to keep it in the family.

9. Always Look After Each Other

It’s clear to anyone who watches Supernatural that the Winchesters will do just about anything for family. After Sam and Dean’s mother, Mary, gets murdered by a powerful demon, her husband John takes to the road and becomes a full-time hunter out of a need for revenge. After John goes on a “hunting trip” and never returns, the boys leave their normal lives behind and set out to find him. As a child, Dean was always told to “watch out for Sammy,” a task he has taken VERY seriously over the years, even selling his soul to a crossroads demon to bring Sam back to life. Dean’s not the only one doing all the sacrificing, however. At the end of season 5, Sam jumped into hell with Michael and Lucifer to save his brother’s life. Yeah, they’ve died for each other A LOT).

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8. Work Together

Sam and Dean have always had each other, but that doesn’t mean they don’t work well with others. Bobby Singer, for example, was an old friend of John’s who eventually turned into a father figure for both Sam and Dean. Bobby is a fount of information when it comes to all things supernatural, as well as a skilled hunter, and Sam and Dean rely on him heavily at different times throughout the series. Sam and Dean also team up with Castiel, a powerful angel, a network of other hunters, and even the King of Hell (when he plays nice). In other words, the Winchesters will partner up with whoever can get them from point A to point B.

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7. Take Care Of Your Car

Supernatural season 11 episode will unfold from Impala's perspective

Next to Sam, Dean’s black 1967 Chevrolet Impala (affectionately nicknamed “Baby”) is the closest thing to Dean’s heart. There’s a lot to learn about Baby, but the most important thing to know is that it’s more of a character than a car. The Impala is a family heirloom passed down to him by his father and has provided shelter, memories, and safety for the Winchesters over the years. Baby’s trunk is also very functional, with enough room to hold their arsenal of weapons and adequate space for a body or two. Who needs seat warmers?!

6. Cremate Everything


Salting and burning the bones is a pretty important part of the Winchester family’s routine, but why? When a hunter dies, the body is laid down on a row of logs with a white sheet over the body. To prevent the hunter’s soul from coming back as a ghost, demon, or whatever, the body is salted and burned as part of a ritual (what can I say, Hunters have weird rules). I’m not exactly sure why the salt is needed, but the fire acts to destroy the remains and purify the spirit, allowing it to move on into the afterlife.

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5. We Do What We Do And We Shut Up About It

Sam and Dean are both Hunters and Men of Letters, and both groups are sworn to secrecy about what they do. Sam and Dean didn’t even know about the Men of Letters until they received the keys to the bunker, and by that point they were well into their thirties. According to Supernatural Wikia, prior to their extinction, the Men of Letters used to share their information with only the most elite hunters, and took on an advisory role. I’m assuming all the secrecy is meant to prevent widespread panic (and to keep them from being admitted to a psychiatric hospital… again).

4. Don’t Forget The Salt

Dean doesn’t just carry around salt for his fries, he uses it to repel ghosts, demons, hellhounds, and pretty much every other supernatural being out there, no matter how powerful they are. Salt can keep ghosts and demons from entering a room when it is left at every entry point, it can be loaded into a shotgun cartridge and fired at a spirit, making it temporarily disappear, and it can be used to purify human corpses. Yep, salt is a lot more versatile than you think. It’s can also be used to exorcize demons, distract fairies, and torture demons. It’s the gift that keeps on giving!

3. Don’t Get Romantically Involved

This rule is there for a reason, because Winchesters and romantic relationships just don’t mix. Plus, who has time for wining and dining when there are monsters to kill?! John Winchester falls in love and gets married, and his wife is killed by a demon. Sam falls in love in college and his girlfriend is (you guessed it) killed by a demon. Ruby, Sam’s demon girlfriend, betrays him after getting him addicted to demon blood and Dean’s got a string of failed relationships a mile long. Even Bobby Singer had to kill his own wife after she got possessed! If you’re looking for a successful love story, you might want to watch This Is Us instead.

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2. Don’t Hunt On An Empty Stomach

Dean is probably eating for 90% of the show, but there’s a reason for that. As I’m sure you’ve noticed, hunters don’t exactly have a desk job. Fighting demons often requires hunters to resort to hand-to-hand combat, and that kind of energy requires calories. Regardless of whether it’s a greasy burger for Dean or an organic quinoa salad for Sam, eating delicious food is one of the few simple pleasures the Winchesters have in life. When’s the last time you saw Sam and Dean on vacation? There are no vacations during the Apocalypse! Eating brings the Winchesters joy and keeps them alive and kicking, so it’s important that they never miss a meal. Sure, Dean’s cholesterol level is probably through the roof, but his body has definitely been through worse.

1. Never Live In One Place

The Winchesters haven’t really lived in a house since their mother died, but that’s typical of most hunters. Sam and Dean have spent all of their adulthood living in their car and different motels so they can freely move around the country, looking for cases and protecting people. Like criminals, the Winchesters are basically living on the run and have few personal belongings (except Baby, of course). The Men of Letters bunker is the closest thing to a permanent “home” the Winchesters have had in a while. It’s not exactly the life that Mary Winchester had hoped for them, but we can’t imagine it any other way.

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