Tchami Drops New Song With Brohug, “My Place”

Tchami has been spending a lot of time with Malaa lately, whether on tour or in the studio. So now that he’s just dropped a new collaboration with Brohug on Confession, we’re salivating.

The new track, “My Place,” featuring Reece, is an absolutely electric tune that blends the both of both artists’ styles. Wonderful Tchami instrumentation with the typical Brohug grit, “My Place” hits on all cylinders from the very get-go and doesn’t stop.

Reece comes front and center during the bridge with echoing vocals that give depth and mystery to the tune, a nice contrast to the in-your-face qualities of the drop.

The track seems to be getting some undue criticism in the SoundCloud comments, but really, what else is new? This bangs; listen below.

Tchami, Brohug – My Place ft Reece


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This article was first published on Your EDM. Source: Tchami Drops New Song With Brohug, “My Place”

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