The Glitch Mob Releases ‘See Without Eyes’ Deluxe with Array Of Remixes [MUST LISTEN]

The Glitch Mob‘s See Without Eyes is already one of our favorite albums of the year — and it just got even better. The deluxe version rocks remixes from 1788-L, Salva, 29 Palms and more, plus that glitchy good good from Rezz that she previously dropped on us.

We must put strong emphasis on 1788-L’s rework of “Disintegrate Slowly,” because it’s one of the producer’s most commanding releases yet. He eases into the mix with booming, echoed percussion and just a hint of The Glitch Mob’s signature sound, before releasing into a heavy yet balanced drop that discovers a truly one-of-a kind sound. There are a lot more remixes to be heard, but don’t you dare skip ahead before the second drop.

KMLN’s “Keep On Breathing” makes for another of our favorite productions, with its extra vibey energy. Tsuruda,’s take on “How Could This Be Wrong” has an unexpected switch up, powering forward with a bold and dreamy breed of house. Machinedrum goes crazy on “Enter Formless,” mixing delicate vocals with fierce drum patterns. This is only scratching the surface on all the extras included on The Glitch Mob’s deluxe release.

The full album and all of its official remixes are included in this 23-track collection. Experience See Without Eyes like you haven’t before right here…

The Glitch Mob – See Without Eyes (Deluxe)

This article was first published on Your EDM. Source: The Glitch Mob Releases ‘See Without Eyes’ Deluxe with Array Of Remixes [MUST LISTEN]

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