The Two Best Platformers In Years Are Coming To Nintendo Switch This Month

Danish developer Playdead confirms that two of the best video game platformers of recent years are headed to the Nintendo Switch next week. These ports are representative of the widespread availability of Limbo and Inside on modern gaming platforms, with versions currently available for multiple devices, including iPhone, Xbox One, and PS4.

Inside first released on PC and modern consoles in 2016, with one-week exclusivity on Xbox One. It’s the follow-up to Playdead’s critically acclaimed Limbo, a black-and-white 2D platformer that originated on the Xbox 360’s Live Arcade. Limbo set sales records and was eventually ported to virtually every platform available, inclusive of Linux and Android versions.

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While the developers made fans wait an impressive seven years for a follow-up game, Inside was welcomed with open arms by gamers and critics, who praised the art direction, puzzle-platforming, compelling yet muted plot, and dramatic presentation of a dystopic world featuring themes of mind control. Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu posted a tweet this morning stating that the games were priming for release on the Nintendo Switch, and Playdead themselves followed up to confirm the news.

Numerous debuts and upcoming games were announced for the Nintendo Switch during and following E3 2018. While it still seems that the lauded Virtual Console will not be making an appearance on the platform, the recent port of Fortnite’s battle royale mode as a free download and a multiplayer demo for Mario Tennis Aces (the full game releases on June 22) were some notable highlights.

Unbeknownst to gamers, news of Playdead’s own ports were following close behind. Limbo’s distribution history might make the port sound significantly less surprising than that of Inside, which is available on far fewer platforms. However, it should be noted that, since coming out in 2010, Limbo has actually never been released on any version of Nintendo’s hardware, marking these ports as the first Nintendo appearances for the studio.

As for Playdead’s newest untitled game, little information has been revealed since its announcement last year, aside from a few images depicting a lonely, snow-covered environment. With this most recent news, at least a precedent will exist and the game may share its release on the Switch platform.

Inside and Limbo’s murky, downcast themes introduce some well-needed variety among Nintendo’s sunnier options, and will hopefully lead to strong sales. The two games are set for release on June 28, so interested gamers should mark their calendars.

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Source: Playdead/Twitter

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