There Were So Many Extra Wanna One Tickets Left They Were Selling For $6 Each

Wanna One recently held a successful concert in Chicago as part of their World Tour, ONE: The World.


And while there were plenty of adoring fans there to cheer on the group, the organizers have come under fire for overestimating attendance and overcharging fans.


Organizers first faced criticism when they suddenly changed the venue for several of the concerts, downgrading in size in all except San Jose, California.


And fans were once again outraged when the venue still undersold, leaving many seats empty.


In fact, some seats for the show were reselling for as low as $6.00.


While many fans blamed the size of the venue, others criticized organizers for setting the ticket prices too high.

wanna one

Tickets ranged from $60 to $240.


Despite not completely selling out, however, Wanna One and Chicago Wannables still had a good time at the concert.


And that’s all that really matters!

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