These BTS “Burn The Stage: The Movie” Scenes Will Make Your Damn Day

BTS‘s Burn The Stage: The Movie is now available for premium streaming on YouTube, and fans are experiencing their favorite moments all over again. Here are 10 hilarious scenes that will make your day 100x better.


1. Poolside Suga keeps an eye on his “kids” while sipping a glass of wine. He’s a whole mood.


2. Jungkook’s ultimate boyfriend look. ARMY approves.


3. Jin telling punny  jokes to his personal trainer


4. Yeontan’s cute cameo


5. The best “MIC Drop” remix in existence


6. Jungkook begging Yeontan not to pee on the couch


7. The pool party everyone wishes they’d been invited to


8. When V performed Jungkook’s solo, “Begin”…


9. …and Jungkook tripped while doing Suga’s “First Love”


10. Expectation vs Reality: popping the champagne

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