This $3000 Dress Reveals BLACKPINK Jennie’s Perfect Body Line

BLACKPINK Jennie showed off her perfect physique during her performance at the Golden Disc Awards.

It’s true that her body has been the source of envy for many since her debut, but she upped the ante this time around by wearing Balmain’s $2000 USD dress.

The dress, called “Glittered Viscose Blend Minidress”, is notorious for being difficult to pull off. The dress is designed with materials that fit right onto the body, so that every little detail of the wearer’s body is revealed.

But for Jennie, that was not a problem. In fact, the dress showed how every little detail of her body were picture perfect.

Netizens were quick to comment how Jennie has the perfect body since the dress wouldn’t look good even if she had a 1g of extra fat.

Netizens also commented how the dress can only be pulled off because Jennie wore it.

And others stated that Jennie always looks luxurious and beautiful, no matter what dress she wears, and that Jennie makes the dress look even more luxurious.

Balmain’s classic look was certainly made sexier and edgier due to Jennie!

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