This Female Idol May Be One Of K-Pop Most Underrated Visuals

Kim Sori may be one of the most gorgeous singers to grace the Korean entertainment industry, but her visuals haven’t gotten the attention they deserve.


This solo singer was born on February 2, 1985. She is 33 years old, but her flawless skin…

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…and rockin’ bod…

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…make her appear years younger.

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Kim Sori entered the K-Pop world in 2006, when she auditioned to be a new member of Jewelry. At the time, Jewelry’s company, Star Empire, didn’t think Kim Sori fit the group’s concept.


Instead, they gave her the opportunity to debut as a solo singer. Three years later, Kim Sori made her debut with the single “Lips”.


Kim Sori’s last digital single, “Bikini” was released in 2013. The song’s upbeat, catchy sound is perfect for fun-filled beach days.


The sizzling hot music video stays true to the song’s concept by featuring Kim Sori in several sexy bikinis.


This bold beach babe sings and dances under the summer sun like there’s no tomorrow!


To date, Kim Sori’s most popular music video is the one for her EDM song, “Dual Life”. It currently has over 750,000 views on YouTube and is just as sexy as her “Bikini” video.


In it, Kim Sori shows off her voluptuous visuals and dancer’s flexibility.

Is it hot in here, or it is just Kim Sori?


These days, Kim Sori is not as active in the music world as she used to be. She now identifies herself as a creative director, artist, DJ, and performer, in addition to being a singer.


Kim Sori enjoys life in Shanghai, China, where she works as a dance and fitness instructor at K.H. Training Studio.

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She continues to be active on Twitter (@sori8502) and shares photos from her daily life on Instagram.

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9 years may have passed since Kim Sori’s K-Pop debut, but with great vocals, superb dancing skills, and stunning looks, SoRi is still the complete idol package.

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