This Is What 20 Of Today’s Biggest K-Drama Stars Look Like In Their First Roles Vs. Their Latest Roles

1.  Lee Min Ho

Debut role: 2003, on Secret Campus as Park Du Hyeon

secret campus


Latest role: 2016, on Legend Of The Blue Sea as Heo Joon Jae

legend of the blue sea


2. Park Shin Hye

Debut role: 2003, on Stairway To Heaven as Han Jung Suh

park shin hye 1


Latest role: 2017, on “Heart Blackened” as Choi Hee Jeong

heart blackened


3. Gong Yoo

Debut Role: 2001, on School 4 as Hwang Tae Young

gong yoo 1


Latest role: 2016, on Goblin as Kim Shin



4. Song Joong Ki

Debut role: 2008, on “A Frozen Flower” as No Tak

song joong ki 1


Latest Role: 2017, “Battleship Island” as Park Moo Young

song joon ki 2


5. Song Hye Kyo

Debut role: 1996, on First Love as an unnamed student

song hye kyo 1
Photo from her breakout role in 1998 on Soonpoong Clinic.


Latest role: 2016, on Descendants Of The Sun as Doctor Kang Mo Yeon

song hye kyo 2


6. Park Bo Young

Debut Role: 2003, on Secret Campus as Cha Ah Rang

park bo young 1


Latest role: 2016, on Strong Woman Do Bong Soon as Do Bong Soon

park bo young 2


7. Lee Jong Suk

Debut role: 2010, on Prosecutor Princess as Lee Woo Hyun

lee jong suk


Latest Drama: 2017, on While You Were Sleeping as Jung Jae Chan

lee jong suk 2


8. Kim Tae Hee

Debut role: 2001, on “Last Present” as teenage Jung Yeon

kim tae hee 1


Latest role: 2015, on Young-pal as Han Yeo Jin

kim tae hee 2


9. Rain

Debut role: 2003, on Sang Doo! Let’s Go To School as Cha Sang Doo

rain 1


Latest role: 2018, on Sketch as Kang Dong Soo

rain 2


10. Lee Young Ae

Debut role: 1993, on How’s Your Husband? 

lee young ae 1


Latest role: 2017, on Saimdang, Memoir Of Colors as Shin Saimdang

lee young ae 2


11. Gong Hyo Jin

Debut role: 1999, on “Momento Mori” as Ji Won

gong hyo jin 1


Latest role: 2017, on “Single Rider” as Lee Soo Jin

gong hyo jin 2


12. Kim Young Ok

Debut role: 1957, on “Farewell Sorrow!”

kim young ok 1
Photo from Dal-ja’s Spring


Latest role: 2018, on Witch’s Love as Maeng Ye Soon

kim young ok 2
Photo from Shopping King Louie


13.  Jang Hyuk

Debut role: 2001, on Volcano High as Kim Kyung Soo

jang hyuk 1


Latest role: 2017, on Voice as Moo Jin Hyuk

jang hyuk 2


14. Kim Soo Hyun

Debut role: 2007, on Kimchi Cheese Smile as Kim Soo Hyun

kim soo hyun 2


Latest role: 2017, on “Real” as Jang Tae Yeong

kim soo hyun 1


15. Park Bo Gum

Debut role: 2011, on “Blind” as Dong Hyun

park bo gum 2


Latest role: 2016, on Moonlight Drawn By Clouds as Yi Yeong

park bo gum 1


16. Shin Min Ah

Debut role: 2001, on Beautiful Days as Lee Min Ji

shin min ah 2


Latest role: 2017, on Tomorrow, With You as Song Ma Rin

shin min a 1


17. Jun Ji Hyun

Debut role: 1999, on “White Valentine” as Kim Jeong Min

jun ji hyun 1


Latest Role: 2016, on Legend Of The Blue Sea as Se Hwa/Shim Cheong

jun ji hyun 2


18. Park Seo Joon

Debut role: 2012, on School 3

park seo joon 1
Photo from Dream High 2


Latest role: 2018, on What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim as Lee Young Joon

park seo joon 2


19. Kim Woo Bin

Debut role: 2011, on White Christmas

kim woo bin 2


Latest role: 2016, on “Master” as Park Jang Goon

kim woo bin 1


20. Yoon Eun Hye

Debut role: 2006, on Princess Hours as Shin Chae Kyeong

yoon eun hye 2


Latest role: 2013, on Marry Him If You Dare as  Na Mi Rae

yoon eun hye 1

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