This Little Girl Did A Photoshoot With BTS 4 Years Ago…Here’s What She Looks Like Now

In 2015, one lucky little girl lived out many ARMYs’ dreams by having a sweet photoshoot with BTS.



The photoshoot happened on August 19, 2015, completely by chance. When BTS arrived on location to shoot for Vol.95 of 1st Look Magazine, child model Lee Nam Gyeong was in the middle of her own photoshoot.



BTS and Lee Nam Gyeong decided to take some adorable photos together…




…that made fans wish they could have been there too!



After meeting BTS, Lee Nam Gyeong became a total ARMY.



She posted this photo of herself with BTS’s album the day after their photoshoot…

CYu_P3wUQAAJ1nM (1)


…and later attended one of BTS’s concerts with her mother, who is said to be a big BTS fan too!



That photoshoot happened four years ago, when Lee Nam Gyeong was just 6 years old. Since then she has continued modeling and has become more beautiful with each passing year.



Here she is in 2016 at age 7…


…in 2017 at age 8…


…in 2018 at age 9…


…and in 2019 at age 9 going on 10!


This gorgeous girl is growing up fast, and it’s hard to believe how much time has gone by.


Here’s hoping that she and BTS will have a reunion photoshoot someday!

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