This Screenshot Of deadmau5 x Rezz Plotting Their Collab Is Everything

The deadmau5 x Rezz collab the world has been waiting for is on like Donkey Kong!

Last we knew, Space Mom assured fans that a collaboration with the mau5trap head honcho “will happen,” but she was adamant about avoiding the word “confirmed.” She explained she didn’t want to rush into it by sending him something mediocre. Now, it appears the two have been scheming about how to make their visions come together in the best way possible.

deadmau5 just uploaded a screenshot of their conversation in part, as Rezz throws out some options. Either one of her unreleased productions may work out, deadmau5 might offer his own idea to start, or — and we’re pulling for this one — they will just get into the studio together and see what comes of it.

Of course, deadmau5 doesn’t get through the convo without some snark. “You’re so annoying,” he jokes.

He captions the tweet, “Fuckit. I’ll start then I guess.”

No matter what direction they go with this collaboration, we know “mediocre” is not an option. We’re expected to be completely blown away by whatever deadmau5 and Rezz come up with. Let’s hope it’s sooner rather than later — because we can’t wait to hear!

Deadmau5 is currently streaming himself working on production for the collaboration, or at least making a demo to send to Rezz. Watch it here on Twitch while it’s still live!

deadmau5 x Rezz


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